May the Fang Be With You (PoP#1)

Published Date: June 27, 2018

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The Pirates of Perz – The peaceful land of Lentari is visited by invaders from across the Great Sea. Depicting more power than they should have had access to, and possessing intimate details about Lentari and the denizens which call it home, the nefarious pirates wreak havoc as they search for artifacts that could bestow upon them the power to topple kingdoms!

The land across the Great Sea is long believed to be uninhabited. However, the people of Lentari are shocked to learn that not only are they gravely mistaken, but their first visitors have sinister intentions in mind. They’re pirates! To make matters worse, what they’re searching for has the power to topple kingdoms!

The Pirates of Perz is an all new fantasy series set in Lentari!


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