The Hammer is Strong with This One (PoP#2)

Published Date: June 27, 2018

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Volume 2 of the epic fantasy adventure series, Pirates of Perz!

Managing to stay several steps ahead of the Lentarians, the pilfering pirates have now gone underground, in search of a powerful hammer belonging to the dwarves. The mighty Narian Power Hammer, belonging to Breslin, son of Maelnar, is on public display in the subterranean city of Foronlir. How do the pirates know where to find it? For that matter, how do they even know it exists? Someone is helping the thieving invaders, and Steve, Sarah, and the rest of the Lentarians rush to find out who – or what – is keeping their adversaries one step ahead of them and prevent the hammer from falling into the wrong hands at all costs.

Don’t miss out on another exciting adventure in Lentari!


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