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Who’d Kill for Ice Cream??

I like ice cream, just like everyone else, but never once would I ever consider killing for it. And then, dumping the frozen treat in a dumpster aftward? Yet, that’s what’s happening to Zack in Pomme Valley. Someone broke into Cookbook Nook, stole Jillian’s ice cream, then promptly dumped it in a nearby dumpster. Then, compounding matters, the thief who pulled off the heist turns up dead!

Determined to prove they’re smarter than a pair of dogs, a nearby police department places a wager as to who can solve the crime first. As for the loser, there will be humiliations galore.

Everyone’s favorite crime-fighting duo, Sherlock and Watson, are on the case! In their usual fashion, the dogs pick out a number of unusual clues, and it’s up to Zack and his friends to decipher the meaning, catch the bad guys, and win the wager. May the best department win!

Case of the Ice Cream Crime. Available June 25th, 2023.


  • Hello Marjolaine! Thanks for taking the time to reach out! I'm so very glad you enjoyed Case of the Ice Cream Crime. My wife and I heard the words "ice cream" and then "crime" in the same sentence and thought it'd make a great title for a story. 🙂

    As for creating a cross-over story, where Steve & Sarah meet up with Zack & Jillian, or vice versa, has been met with a lot of positive reviews. There's still nothing set in stone, but it is definitely looking more encouraging! I'm going to have to try and come up with a plausible plot that would encompass everyone! Fingers crossed!

    Again, thanks for reachout out! Have a great week!


  • Dear Mr. Poole,
    I just finished reading or should I say devour ‘Who’d kill for ice cream’ and it was as thrilling as the first book I have ever read from you. I bought them all, read them all several times, with as much delight as the first time. You make my day every single time and I cannot get enough. I’m always looking forward to the next one and am anticipating with relish Blast from the past.
    As for getting our 2 couples together for an adventure, I can just imagine all the mischief and mayhem those 4 could create. Please please ‘’make it so’’.
    Thank you so much for gifting us with hours of reading pleasure.
    Marjolaine Lalonde
    Montréal, Québec.