Name A Character!

Am currently working on Calm the Water (formerly Clear the Water), the third Dragons of Andela book. Who would like to name a fictional character? I could use a few names.

Valthans (water dragons): Several male, several female, and a good name for their queen. Would love to hear what their coloring is, too!

Spark (lightning) dragons: Male and female. Include coloring.

Humans: Could use a few of each.

Human powers: Looking for basic, trivial abilities. Laughable at best. 🙂

If I use your suggestion, then your name will be included at the back of the book!

Thanks, everyone!



  • Spark Lightning Dragons:
    Twink, copper
    Springle, silvery
    Brix, raspberry

    Noraj, pewter
    Glomaje, starlight
    Brinley, sapphire

  • Valthans, water dragons
    *male: Focer (ultramarine), Shazu (cobalt)
    *female: Mariset (aquamarine)
    *queen: Undula (shades of blue undulate across her body)

    Spark, lightning dragons
    *male: Meltem (gold with white spots like dripping wax off of a candle), Meltern (twin brother to Meltem, bronze with white spots like wax dripping off a candle)
    *female: Spinada (platinum)

    *male: Leel
    *female: Noraya

    Human powers:
    Ground smoothing (roots are pushed back under ground or pulled up into the pathway/sidewalk, debris moved aside)
    Pie warming
    Water temperature control
    Temperature controlled clothing
    Bug zapping
    Endless room in a knapsack