The following is a collection of links that I’ve either used or still frequent on a daily basis…

Helpful Links:

WorldCat Library – check to see which libraries nationwide are carrying my books!

Fellow author websites & blogs:

JH Sked – Lady from England, author of Wolfsong and Basement Blues.  Fantastic stories that are absolutely fantastic!

B Throwsnaill – Author of the Hemlock series of books.  I still say Merit should run for president!


Brett Gable Illustrations – This is the artist that illustrated Lost City for me.  He’s responsible for the Questor’s Mark as well as the Narian power hammer!  Are you an author in need of affordable illustrations?  Contact Brett and give him a try!

FalyneVarger – AKA Rachel.  She’s the artist who created the first four of my book covers for me.  She does incredible work and is extremely affordable!  Check out her DeviantArt page when you get a chance.

UberVestigum – AKA Richard, Rachel’s husband.  He’s a magician with title graphics.  He’s done the title graphics for four of my books.

More Sites

Smashwords – Great site to submit your own work to if you’d like to convert your work to a multitude of ebook formats. Smashwords will even submit them to Apple’s iBook store, Barnes & Noble’s NOOKbook, and several others.

KDP – Amazon’s Kindle page.  This is where you go if you need to either login to make a change to your Kindle listing or else submit your book for Amazon distribution.  The account is free!  Not sure how to do it?  Check out my publishing company, Hungry Griffin Publishing, if you’re in need of a little help!

Instagram – My seldom used yet-its-there account

QR Code Generator – These are the newest barcodes and can store a lot more info besides a simple number. Here’s one I created!

Site5 – Site for free WordPress themes, including the “Notebook” theme I’m using now!

Campaign Cartographer 3 – If you ever thought about making a map of the world you’ve created in your head, then trust someone who’s researched mapping software extensively online. You won’t find a better program than this one!   Check out this map I created using the CC3 software:

The Kingdom of Lentari

The Kingdom of Lentari