Name A Character!

Am currently working on Calm the Water (formerly Clear the Water), the third Dragons of Andela book. Who would like to name a fictional character? I could use a few names.

Valthans (water dragons): Several male, several female, and a good name for their queen. Would love to hear what their coloring is, too!

Spark (lightning) dragons: Male and female. Include coloring.

Humans: Could use a few of each.

Human powers: Looking for basic, trivial abilities. Laughable at best. 🙂

If I use your suggestion, then your name will be included at the back of the book!

Thanks, everyone!


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Who’d Kill for Ice Cream??

I like ice cream, just like everyone else, but never once would I ever consider killing for it. And then, dumping the frozen treat in a dumpster aftward? Yet, that’s what’s happening to Zack in Pomme Valley. Someone broke into Cookbook Nook, stole Jillian’s ice cream, then promptly dumped it in a nearby dumpster. Then, compounding matters, the thief who pulled off the heist turns up dead!

Determined to prove they’re smarter than a pair of dogs, a nearby police department places a wager as to who can solve the crime first. As for the loser, there will be humiliations galore.

Everyone’s favorite crime-fighting duo, Sherlock and Watson, are on the case! In their usual fashion, the dogs pick out a number of unusual clues, and it’s up to Zack and his friends to decipher the meaning, catch the bad guys, and win the wager. May the best department win!

Case of the Ice Cream Crime. Available June 25th, 2023.

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Spring Update!

Just yesterday, I put the finishing touches on Case of the Hobbit Heist (CCF#19). This mystery takes place at a Comic-Con, namely the first southern Oregon has seen in a few years. Who’s the headliner at the convention? None other than a good friend of mine, actor Michael Biehn. I thought it might be fun to have Zack and the gang meet up with the celebrity and help solve a crime that has befallen Michael, namely the theft of the plasma rifle he used in Aliens. Well, after doing some research online, I realized that I had better reach out to Michael first, before I started writing. Clearly, since I just finished the story, he said yes. Actually, he really loved the idea of being in a book, and agreed to write a Foreword to the story. This title is the second Corgi Case Files adventure I’ve finished that hasn’t been published. The next, due out next month, I believe, is Case of the Ice Cream Crime. This one, the Hobbit Heist, will more than likely be scheduled for a Fall release.

What’s next? Well, currently on my plate is to finish the edits for ToL4, Thoughts for a Portal. My publisher is in the midst of going through all my fantasies and polishing them up for re-release. New covers, new editing, and new promos are in the works for all of them. The Bakkian Chronicles were first, and have been cleaned up and given new covers. The first five Tales of Lentari titles will be released this summer, so I’ve got to get going!

Next up for me is a return trip to the Tales of Lentari series. Blast from the Past (ToL10) is slated for a Fall/Winter release, and then it’ll be back to Andela for Nuri’s tale in Clear the Water (DoA3).

Busy, busy, busy! Hope everyone is having a great Spring! Be safe and happy reading!


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Smashwords Sale!

My publisher, Secret Staircase Books, is participating in SmashwordsRead An Ebook Week. That means that just about every title I’ve published is on sale! All CCF titles, including the latest, is now 50% off!

The Bakkian Chronicles are also 50% off. This sale ends on 3/11/23, so if you’re missing a title or two, now’s the time to complete your library!

My books at Smashwords

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Case of the Unlucky Emperor

Just a few days to go until Corgi Case Files #17 is released! Have you pre-ordered it yet? You’ll find it all practically all major online retailers!

Zack, Jillian, and the dogs are called up north, to a new facility in Sitka, Alaska, trying to become a certified breeding center for emperor penguins. There’s been one successful attempt to hatch a penguin chick, but the baby is missing! Suddenly, a whole string of bad luck seems to have befallen their new friends. It’s up to everyone’s favorite corgi duo to sniff out those responsible for the penguin problems and to rescue the baby chick before the case becomes a tragedy.

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The Bakkian Chronicles Trilogy!

Secret Staircase Books has taken over all my fantasies in addition to my mysteries, so as a result, they’re went through another editing process and received new covers. My first three fantasies are the Bakkian Chronicles, which are The Prophecy, Insurrection, and Amulet of Aria. As you can see, they’ve got absolutely gorgeous new covers and are presently up for pre-order. Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo … they’ve all got ’em, so if you are a fan of fun, light-hearted adventure stories, please give them a try. They were released 12/28, so they’re now at all major online retailers!

This particular series is set in the magical kingdom of Lentari, and continues with my Tales of Lentari series. It currently has nine titles, and on my writing schedule for 2023 is Blast from the Past (Tales of Lentari #10)! If you haven’t started the series, now would be a great time to dive right in!

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Protected: CCF17 Posse!

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