Well, let’s see. What can I write about myself?

I’m a fantasy author living in Lake Havasu City, AZ. Yeah, I know. The Land of Eternal AC. But before you scorn my living arrangements let me say that 9 months of the year it’s GORGEOUS here.  Of course, the other 3 are a wee bit unpleasant. Hey, what can I say? That’s my winter.  When it hits 120+, you just don’t go outside. And if you do, you dress accordingly.

Interests…  If someone were to ask me what my interests would be, I’d have to say, in no particular order, that they would be:  astronomy (I have a sophisticated computerized telescope – I love it!), archaeology, archery, scuba diving, taekwando, collecting movies, collecting swords, and pretty much tinkering with any electronic gadget I can get my hands on.

I have created two fantasy series, both of which are set in the same magical kingdom:  Bakkian Chronicles & Tales of Lentari.  I had originally planned on just writing the Bakkian Chronicles trilogy and then moving on to another subject but due to numerous requests to keep the series alive I then created Tales of Lentari.  They are stories that do not require the reader to read any of the previous titles in order to follow along.  It’s helpful, yes, but not required.

I’m also a member of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Marketing Podcasts.  We’ve released several podcasts now that will be available on iTunes shortly.  Our trial runs were the episodes in which we interviewed each other.  In my interview I talk about how I got started, the inspiration for my books, what NOT to do when first starting out, and so on.  Take a look!

I’m also in one of Fresh Baked Disney’s trips to the resort, where I presented David & Sara with signed copies of A Portal for Your Thoughts, seeing how they were mentioned inside the book!

I can also be found on Facebook using the link in the top right corner of the blog.  If you say hi I guarantee I’ll say hello back.  I have also never turned down a friend request, so if you’d like to add an indie author as a friend, feel free!

Hope to see you online!