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And the Beta Readers will be…

Kept private.  Sorry!  The Beta Readers for Lost City (Tales of Lentari #1) have officially been chosen and have been notified (via private message on FB).  I’ve chosen four, along with those that are already on my list.  That brings it to a total of 8 BRs (the most I’ve ever had!).  Want to know the crazy thing?  I had close to twenty five people volunteer.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  That blows me away.

So, if I didn’t choose you, please don’t take it personally.  I would let everyone be a BR if I could, but trying to manage that many people and keep things on track would be practically impossible.

For those of you that are now BRs and have confirmed with me that you will be able to be a BR for me, the next thing to do is keep an eye on the blog.  Beta Reader #1 (my wife) has got to go through the book first, from beginning to end.  Once she’s done I’ll convert it to PDF and send everyone a copy.  I’ll also create a password protected thread on my blog where I will give some basic guidelines on what I’m looking for and what to do if you find something (and I know you will!).

Thanks again for everyone’s interest!  It means the world!  Without you guys this story would have remained an unexplored “what if” scenario and would never have made it to print.


  • Hi, Heidi! I appreciate you looking me up and stopping by to say hello!

    I’m so very glad you and your family enjoyed the stories. I try to write them in such a way that they are appealing to a wide audience without using too much violence, or profanity, or any other adult-themed, uh, shall we say situations. 🙂

    I originally wasn’t trying to target a younger audience, as I was optimally trying to write a fun, light-hearted story with a happy ending. Nowadays you don’t find many of those. So it makes me smile that you enjoyed them. You made my weekend!

    In case you hadn’t heard, my fourth story should (knocks on wood) be out this month. It’s not a continuation of the Bakkian Chronicles, but it is set in Lentari. Familiar faces, along with a few new ones, have a fun time looking for a fabled Lost City!

    Hope you and your family are having a great weekend!


  • I would like to just say WOW! I absolutely loved reading the first two books to my children!!! I myself am a huge bookworm, and I read to my kids EVERY day. They love your story. We just finished book two and two of my three kids begged for a long time for me to go ahead and start the last book tonight. Needless to say they went to bed disappointed!! For me a book has to reach out and get my attention within the first few pages or else I can’t get into it and wind up shelving it for a better one. Do NOT worry!! Your story and writing style definitely has my full attention. I can’t wait to finish this story so that ok can explore some of your other works buddy!!!! As my nine year old said “You are totally wicked awesome at telling stories dude!!!”