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How to Name a Dragon

It’s easy.  You have a fantastic legion of fans who love dragons just as much as I do and therefore ask for a little help.

What do I mean?   In case you don’t have facebook I’ll repost the message I put there.  This is what I said:

Is there anyone else out there that loves dragons as much as I do? I have to tell you guys, I’m really enjoying working on a story with dragons as the protagonists!

While waiting to get Lost City into the hands of my Beta Readers, I officially started on the next story in my new Tales of Lentari series. Plot is mapped out and broken into chapters. Writing is underway. Guess what I need again… Yep! More names!

I still have a few dragon names left over from Lost City, but I have a feeling I’ll go through those pretty quick. Got an idea? Want to name a fictional dragon? Tell me your suggestions! Got a description for your dragon? I’ll welcome those, too!


  • This brings to mind the song growingup of puff the magic dragon

  • Awesome, Caroline! I’m so glad you’re ready! At the present rate she’s getting through the book, she’ll be done later today and I’ll be sending the book out this evening to all the beta readers! I hope you guys are ready!

  • Phew thank goodness. I’m so glad that you love dragons too. I am so ready to read Lost Tales that I’ve done all reading and paperwork in order to be able to concentrate fully on beta reading. 😀 x

  • Never in a million years will I make a super evil dragon! A pain-in-the-ass dragon, like the one coming up in Lost City, sure, but an evil one? Nope!!

  • Aww you are not gonna make the dragons into bad guys are you?? 🙁 Love Dragons, Golden female, Kaylaidlac she would be my heroine, the dragon who brokered peace 🙂 x