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Lost City Reviews

Hi everyone!  I hope you’re all having a great weekend!  The weather here in Lake Havasu City, AZ, has turned absolutely fantastic, so I guarantee you I had a wonderful weekend, too!

I’m starting to get some reviews for Lost City, which have been fantastic!  I appreciate it so much when you guys are able to leave a review wherever you bought the book and tell others what you liked (or didn’t like) about the book.   Check these out from Barnes & Noble’s store:

Great read!  Jeffrey Poole is fast becoming one of my favorite authors.  Lost City had me laughing one min and holding my breath the next!”

“Better with each book he writes!  I don’t care how many people Poole has helping him… all of you just keep up the great work!  And for the graphic art, very nice; with the work you guys do I could see a short graphic novel based in Lentari coming soon.  I would like to see some prequels covering the portal being built and related adventures.  Again, thanks for the very enjoyable reads.”

Reviews like that make my day!  If whoever left those two reviews are reading this then you have my eternal thanks!  Nothing makes my day more when I read reviews like those!

The next rafffle is in the works.  Actually, we’re only 6 away from 150 Likes on Facebook!  If we can get to 150 then the raffle for the three signed copies of the Bakkian Chronicles books will be started!  Help spread the word!


  • And peanut senses this on the othwr side and gets through the portal. Dogs r smart.

  • If pryllan does have offspring maybe they can need lia s healing ability. Or she’s in danger and needs teleportes to safety.

  • Thanks, Christina! I appreciate that! I will say that progress is coming along nicely for SWtwC (Tales of Lentari #2)!

  • Hi Elizabeth! I take it you’re referring to Mikal and Peanut having a reunion? They still see each other often as Steve & Sarah periodically visit Lentari. However, Peanut sometimes accompanies them back to Lentari, but she has yet to reconnect with her wyverian friend. I’m thinking a reunion is in the works!

  • It was a Great read!

  • haven’t read 2 yet, though I purchased it, but not really. I think better would be peanut and the kid(the one the guardians were protecting). not good on names.