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Who Wants To Name Two Wyverian Characters?

I just posted this on my Facebook page but I’ll also post it here.

Who out there would like to name not one, but two dragons? I’m now accepting suggestions for dragon siblings. Two brothers from one family and two sisters from another. The names can be made to resemble one another, like Don and John, or they could be completely different. I leave it up to the fans!

So whaddya say? Got any suggestions for me? Who knows! It very well may end up in SWtwC!!

Oh, consequently, the winner of the Bakkian Chronicles cap will be announced either later today or tomorrow! Stay tuned! If you haven’t done so already, enter now for a chance to win!

1 Comment

  • Hmm, for the boys: Willam and Willmer.
    The girls: Jelamar and Jelina 🙂