Jan 14, 2014 - General, News, Updates    3 Comments

Time to think about a new cover!

I usually start planning out the cover to the book I’m presently working on once I reach a certain point through the book.  I hit it.  It’s time to start thinking about what I want to do for Something Wyverian This Way Come’s cover.  The word “Wyverian” alone dictates that there’s gonna be dragons on the cover.  But what should the setting be?  Flying through the sky?  Down on the ground?  Under it?  I’ve used all locales in the book.

As always, I’m all about keeping the story fun and light-hearted.  The cover needs to properly convey that.  So what sort of whimsical scene should I have the artist draw for me?  What do you guys like to see on a cover?


  • I haven’t introduced any aquatic dragons thus far. Doesn’t mean they don’t exist, though. 🙂

    Bringing the elements in isn’t a bad idea. There are a couple of scenes that have a lot fire involved!

  • Or in any of the elements…Fire, water, air, etc

  • In or under the water…an aquatic dragon?