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Sending out the call for Beta Readers!

Hello all you honorary citizens of Lentari!  The second volume in the Tales of Lentari is rapidly approaching the finish line so it’s that time to send out a request to anyone that might be interested in being a beta reader for me.  I already have a few lined up, but as anyone knows with writing, the more eyes you have checking over your work, the better.

The requirements are having a healthy grasp of the English language.  As Derek will attest, there are times when I’m typing along and my fingers can’t keep up with my brain, so what appears on the page is a bastardized version of the scene playing out in my head.  I’m looking for people not afraid to tell me if something doesn’t sound right, or if I left a plot hole open, or perhaps something just isn’t clear.  The more help I get cleaning this thing up the better.  Plus, I’ll leave you a shout-out in the acknowledgments!

Interested?  Post a comment here and let me know!  Thanks in advance for giving me a hand!



  • Would love the experience of being a beta reader for your book

  • Hi Wendy! Thx for stopping by! It means a lot!

    I already have the set of Beta Readers selected to give me a hand with Tales of Lentari #2. Keep an eye on the blog. I’ll post news about giveaways, contests, and will occasionally ask the fans for suggestions with naming fictional characters. You never know, your character might end up in a book!

    Scotland, huh? I’ve always heard Scotland is a scenic place. Not too much to see around me here. Desert, desert, and more desert. *sigh*

  • Brand new reader of your books! Amazing, loved them and just done first Lentari tale ….waiting avidly for next. If you dont mind a Scottish Beta reader would love to give you a hand. Good speed and have fun writing!

  • I would love to be a beta reader for you. If I can assist you at anytime, please let me know. thank you

  • I would like to be a beta reader for your books!

  • Jeef eer Jeff, I would love to be a beta reader . I won’t quote any great gifts for English, but I am good at spotting issues in structure or plot confusion. let me know if you need me.

  • I will Love to be a Beta Reading. I love you books. I think this would be fun. I am on you face book if you need to get a hold of me.

  • I would like to be a beta reader. i already told you before but thought i should put it here as well.

  • I majored in English, with a minor in Psychology. I know my comments on FB, rarely if ever show that I do have a firm grasp on proper structure.

    As an avid reader, spelling errors, sentence structure, even proper use of commas, etc., stand out. The flow of a story is vital.

    I hope to be considered as a beta reader, and offer my love of reading, and many decades of reading, and writing papers.

    Derek is amazing. Even on FB, he never allows the informality of the setting to detract his banter.

    Thank you. Not only for writing novels that I truly enjoy, but for your consideration.


  • I’d love to be a beta reader! I’m an avid reader and love your books.

  • I would love to help out with your beta! I am an avid reader with a good eye for sentence structure and spelling and am great at critical reading. Please let me know if I can help out with your beta, it would truly be an honor. 🙂 (sorry, I responded to the wrong post with this message the first time)