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Worth sharing!

Hello, everyone!  A good friend of mine, poet extraordinaire Derek Pritchard, composed this for me and I thought it worth sharing!  I’ve since shared it with my family and I will say, Derek, that my family absolutely loves it!


He’s gone through the portal
And opened the gates
To that place in his mind
Where old Lentari waits.

He’s completing a story;
It is a she-dragon’s tale
And, when we’ve fixed all the errors,
He will put it on sale.

He’s already started the next one
With wife, Giliane, in tow –
Although what this one’s about
We do not yet know

But we know when he’s finished,
When his new story’s done,
That we’ll want it like the others
Because Jeff’s books are fun!

I also would like to announce if you’re on Facebook then you ought to stop by for an event happening today that features Indie Authors.  I’m slated to be featured 4pm Central time, which is in about 2.5 hours for me.  I’ll be giving away ebooks, talking about SWtwC, and answering any questions about myself or the books that anyone would like to know!  I hope to see you guys there!

1 Comment