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Something Wyverian This Way Comes is out!

Something Wyverian This Way ComesTales of Lentari #2 has been officially released!  I’ll keep updating this post with retailer sales links as I see them appear.  This is definitely the fastest I’ve ever written/released a book, so I’m hopeful I’ll get ToL #3 out by Christmas!

Here are the retailers that have the book:

Smashwords , Amazon USA , Amazon , Apple’s iTunes

The Amazon links don’t show the book’s cover just yet, but I do know that it can take a day or two for all the info to show up.  Seeing how this showed up less than 15 minutes after I hit the “Publish” button, that’s not bad.  🙂


  • I just noticed the new book was out so grabbed a copy for my nook. Been watching the FB site for an update, forgot to check here lol. Am re-reading ToL # 1 first, will get to the new one shortly. Looking forward to it!

  • I LOVE these books!! They have everything I like. I think you’re a really good author. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait for more to come. Waiting with bated breath….

  • Hi Alex –

    Seriously? Lol! Figures. Where did I reference the amulet incorrectly? I’ll be sure to change that before someone else notices. Thanks for pointing that out!

  • i noticed you gave the wrong description of the amulet in the book it does the opposite of what you wrote. it doesn’t protect against physical attacks it protects against jhourun.

  • in the kindle… just have to find time to read it! I am sure once I sit down I will read it all day! thank you for working so hard on the book!