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Hey buddy, can you spare a name?

Since today is the 1st official day I’m spending on aPfyT, I’ve sketched out some details for chapter 1 and am ready to write.  So, with that being said, I could use a couple of names!  Want to name a fictional character?  Now’s your chance!  Let’s see…  I could use:

1.  At least three or four human names.  Not related.

2.  At least 2 dragon names.

3.  For kicks and giggles, let’s throw in a dwarf name or two.

I always like having extra names handy.  Come on, guys!  Got some suggestions for me?  Hit me with your best shot!


  • Will let Author decide who to assign the name if he ever uses them, but at least I tried:



    Pudgery and Fudgery (hey, those twin headed dragons are bound to have children after an assumed reconciliation and Pudge and Fudge came about after some enchanted evening)

    Rona Lita

    Yerffej (or Ffej for short)

    Wyvie (short for Wyverians)

    Hopefully while Author met that someone famous he slid in the Bakkian/Lentari books to give to a movie production company (such as DreamWorks) for a possible motion picture? Never know … but that would be a real neat combo movie of real people plus animation plus special effects.

  • I know, they sounded better in my head then when I put them on paper lol but oh well here I go.

    Dragons: Skionne, Emarolde
    Humans: Cassilea, Rylie
    Dwarves: Knoah & Korinna Strongheart

  • Ok…here are my names:
    Dragon – Murlondi
    Dwarf – Illya Zolind
    Human – Stanwick Tessler

    Dragon – Seralin
    Dwarf – Jossie Talynd
    Human – Serrina Carrin

  • Human Names – Leanna (f), Bertol (m), Torya (f), Eslac (m)
    Dragon Names – Zollotar (m), Clessera (f)
    Dwarven Names – Jint (m), Dolny (f)

    Good luck name hunting!

  • human name – mia (girl), escha (girl), maiku (male), & alexone (male)
    dragon name – lamian (female) & albian (male)
    dwarve name – galrthiel (female), ferrell & kelyn (male)