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You’re moving to a fantasy world…

I need to do some research for my next trivia challenge, so while I do that I propose the following situation to you all:

You and your family are granted permission to live on a magical fantasy world.  You’re also given the choice of becoming whatever creature you’d like.  What species would you be?   Would you choose…

  1. Human
  2. Dwarf
  3. Dragon
  4. Griffin
  5. Centaur
  6. Faerie
  7. Other?

You can choose any fantasy species you’ve ever heard of or you could even make one up.  What would you choose?  As for me, that’s easy.  I’d be a dragon!  I think my wife would choose faerie.   I just think flying would be so cool!

Let’s hear it, people!  What are your choices?  What would your character look like?


  • Pointy Eared Elf !!

  • A Good Enchantress who could morph into a Golden Dragon called Kylara. 🙂

  • Of these alternatives, I would chose fairy or centaur 🙂
    But, I’ve always had a thing for elves and witches, so if those both were alternatives, I would have a problem 😉

  • An emerald dragon.

  • I would love to transform into a dragon

  • These tales keep my imagination alert and wanting more, I can’t get enough. You’re gifted and talented. Don’t stop.

  • Wizard. Cast spells and all. That’s what I play in rug like diablo

  • i would stay human and become a wizard. if i wanted to fly, i could use magic to grow wings. i could also use my magic to shapeshift into any creature i want. this way, i could be every creature you guys have been suggesting.

  • Without a doubt…Dragon! I have always loved dragons. Flying would be awesome!!

  • A Faerie with beautiful wings! I could fly, do magic and live in the forest.

  • faeire – you would still be humanoid, be able to fly, use magic, control aspects of nature, and depending on the type of faerie control one of the elements personally i’d go for water.

  • I’d be a golden dragon but it there were no dragons (heaven forbid sob) I’d be an Elf. Like the idea Derek had so you could be anything and fit in anywhere tho. x

  • Omnipotent shape-shifter…..so I don’t have to choose.

  • Ah so difficult!

    Provably faerie. Simply because of the commonalities with humans. Easier adjustment.

  • Fae

  • Changeling, as that is my spirit. My husband would choose vampire.

  • weredragon