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I’m in another anthology!

TGIF, people!  Everyone looking forward to the weekend just as much as I am?  Any fun plans?  My wife & I are finalizing our vacation plans this year.  We’re heading off next month so we’re lining up pet sitters, dog boarding, house sitters, etc.

What’s new with me, you ask?  Well, as the title of this entry suggests, I’ve teamed up with three other fantasy authors to come up with the appropriately labeled
Fantasy 101” box set.  Myself and three others contributed the first book in one of our series in the effort to attract new readers.  Trust me, this ebook is well worth the piddly .99 cents we’re charging.  Why so little?  Let’s just say it was a requirement to participate in a rather large promo coming up in the middle of the month.  I was invited to join, and let’s just say that I jumped at the chance.  So three other friends of mine are coming along for the ride.

Many of you have probably read their stories, too.  I keep recommending them at the end of my books.  First up is a very talented author who introduced me to “steampunk”.  She has several series of books out that are expertly written.   Perhaps you’ve heard of her?  Ms. Lindsay Buroker.  The Emperor’s Edge is one of her series of books.  She’s contributed Encrypted, the first book in a new series of hers.  Well worth the time to check them out.

Also joining us is the author of the Maker’s Fire series.  Bill Ainsworth, writing under “B Throwsnaill”, has written Hemlock and the Wizard Tower.  Again, just trust me.  Read it.  You’ll enjoy it.  Merit for President – 2016!!  Better yet, buy our box set and help us hit the best sellers list!

Finally, we have Steve Thomas, author of the Klondaeg series.  His story, Klondaeg the Monster Hunter, joins the other three and completes our box set.  Humor, sarcasm, and a split personality talking battle axe.

As for me, I’ve included Lost City, the first story in my Tales of Lentari series.  I thought about submitting Prophecy (Bakkian Chronicles #1) but I think Lost City is written better.

Fantasy 101 will be officially released on September 14th, 2014.  Preorder it and help a bunch of us indie authors out!  You won’t regret it

Here’s the link on iTunes:

Thanks for all of your support!



  • Thanks for the early scoop.

    It’s already on sale on Amazon as a pre-order ebook set to release on Sept 14.

    I just reserved a pre-order on Amazon at a very, very, very expensive price of 99 cents. Ugh, I’m really, really, really counting the pennies … !

  • Hi Scott!

    This promo we’re a part of is through Apple, but since we’re releasing it through Smashwords we saw no reason to limit its release. So we included all retailers. Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Oyster, Scribd, etc.

    Apple’s iBookstore was the first to have it, but I will post links to the other stores once I see it on their shelves. We’ve got a good selection of stories in there so I’m really hoping it does well. It’s a helluva value!

    Thx, Chris!

  • Sounds like a cool opportunity. Will this set become available thru other sites/in other versions as well once released?