New Year Resolutions

How many times have you started a new year, made a resolution or two, and promised to keep them?  Were you successful?  I fall into that category, too.  The difference this year, in my honest opinion, is that I really want this to happen.  This is not an I-want-to-lose-weight type of resolution by an actual determination to do something in particular.  What is it, you might ask?

I want to go pro.

That means no more computer tech.  No more helping little old ladies troubleshoot why their computer won’t turn on.  I truly want to become a professional writer, like several of my friends are.  So can I do it?  Well, it means an enormous amount of work.  I have to become more prolific in my writing.  More book releases.  More consistency.

I have more adventures set for Lentari, but I’m also itching to try something new.  I have a few possible stories that would make great books.  If I can increase my number of titles then I can certainly give it a try.

So, can I do it?  I sure as hell am gonna try!

That’s it.  That’s my resolution.  If I want to become a profressional writer then I need to write more.  I need to release more titles each year.  I need to increase my word count.  Exponentially.  It’ll mean a lot of work for me, but I think I can do it.

What are some of your resolutions?  Anyone care to share?



  • You’re welcome for the recommendations. I’ve personally read each of them and can count them amongst my favorites!

  • I don’t know if I have one yet. Or maybe I do because every year around my birthday something will always break and we will have to get a new one.
    But I just wanted to say good luck.
    Ohh, I almost forgot. Thank you for introducing me to some great books at the end of the Bakkian chronicles (3)
    The Amulet of Aria. They really are wonderful books!

  • my New Years Resolutions is to also get known out there as a poet Author and also to go on a holiday hopefully to usa and to get a job to save up for it after household costs not much really but each month i will add to the list another resolution

  • i only ever have one ressolution the rest are just sort of weekly goals.
    but my resolution is one ive used for the past 3 years, “be a man of my word”.
    i use’d to be a bit of a selfish bast**d and never kept my promises,
    but i decided to try my best to stop, now if i promise to do with the exception of certain circumstances i always keep my promises.
    im still not perfect i know that last year i didn’t keep 9 promises but 4 were because i was in hospital 2 were due to illness and 1 was due to injury.

  • Thx, Scott! I appreciate it! It means a lot of work and commitment on my part but I am totally willing & able to put in the time.

    Thx for stopping by!

  • I stopped making resolutions years/decades ago (especially the old “im gonna watch my diet”) as i never stuck to them. Chocolate is my one vice lol. Been more successful just setting a particular goal and then working on it.
    More importantly best of luck as you branch into making writing your career. Hope both success and enjoyment follow!

  • Ok, I’ll give you that one. We’ll go with the start of the new year caused me to create a new goal for myself. One that I plan on achieving. 🙂

    Will that do?

    And did you get the newsletter? Did you see the preliminary sketch for the cover?

  • See jeef you are not making a resolution your setting a goal there is a huge difference

  • I don’t make them. I do “resolutions” daily as in today I will………………… It helps me keep on track with what I need to get done. But the new years thing trying to say on day 1 of a year what you are going to be doing 6-7 months later is either setting yourself up for defeat or you think small lol