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Bakkian Chronicles, Book II – Insurrection

Imagine someone holding up an arm, with the thumb and forefinger of their hand maybe an inch apart. Now, here’s me saying, “I’m thiiiiiis close to finishing”. 🙂 Book II is approaching the finish line. So very exciting.

I’m working on lining up some editors. I have my Beta Readers standing by (yeah Scott, that includes you!), and my illustrator in Indonesia making my cover. I’ll need to go through the book to check for errors, and then let my wife read it (she’s a very fast reader) and then I’ll notifiy the Beta Readers to stand by.

To my Beta Readers, I’m looking for typos, grammar problems, continuity problems, punctuation issues, etc. If something doesn’t make sense, or I left any questions unanswered or unaddressed, be sure to let me know!

As soon as I get some preliminary sketches for book II’s cover, I’ll post it here. Ok, off to get some work done! Everyone have a great Memorial Day Weekend! Stay off the roads as much as possible! 🙂


  • Thanks for letting me comment. It’ll be much easier this way. 🙂

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts on my book, along with reading your second book.

  • Another free giveaway of book 1 is underway! The first copy has been spoken for by Ryan, friend of Scott’s.

    3 to go!

  • Thanks, Jynna! I loved your review. I do appreciate it!

    About book 2, I know, I know! Almost done!!


  • FInished last night and just left you a review on Amazon. Hurry up with the next book! 🙂 I really enjoyed!

  • Thanks. I’ll make sure to leave you a comment when it shows up in the Kindle store.

  • Ryne –

    Either way I’ll be sure to pick up a copy! I’ll be on the lookout for it! Good luck!

  • Yeah, I’m pretty nervous about it. The intended release date is June 15th.

    I can only hope any perceived talent at writing isn’t just me being delusional, lol.

  • Hi Jynna –

    LOL No worries! You should be receiving an e-mail from Amazon shortly with your Kindle copy!

    Thanks again for your interest in my book!

  • Hello Jeff,

    I am feeling lazy, lol, after chasing my younger son all over while waiting on the bus to drop off my older son 🙂

    My email is jynna at comcast dot net.

    I like your blog!

  • Hi Linda!

    Thanks for the message! I’m really glad you enjoyed the story. I hope to have book II out this month. I don’t think I’ve ever juggled this many things at once, and they’re all geared towards the book’s release. Beta readers, editors, illustrator, etc. Should be interesting! 🙂

    Thanks again!


  • Hi Jynna!

    Sure, I can send you a copy of my book to your Kindle. What e-mail addy would you like me to send it to? I’ll put my e-mail here so you don’t have to. Send me an e-mail at: jmpoole (at) gmail dot com.

    As for Door to Canellin (yep, you spelled it right!), it was really good. I’m really looking forward to the next book in that series.

    Thanks for your interest!

  • Ah, if only I’d waited, I could have picked it up for free.

    I’m happy to hear that book 2 is coming soon. I’m looking forward to it!

  • Hello,

    Read your post on Amazon, checked out your profile and saw you read Door to Canellin (I am probably spelling it wrong)

    I figure if you liked that book, I will probably like yours. I would love a kinde copy if still available.

    Thanks so much!

  • Hi Robert!

    Yeah, I can’t believe book II’s finish line is in sight. A lot of things are all happening at the same time. My illustrator is working on the cover (also working on a guur sketch for me!), I have several beta readers standing by as well as a few editors. As soon as all the pieces are put together, it’ll be time to release it. This one went a helluva lot faster than the first book. Here’s hoping book III goes even quicker!


  • Hello Suzanne!

    Just a few left!

    I sent your copy to you! Thanks for your interest!

  • Are there copies still available? If so I would love one in kindle format to skilmer @ rogers dot com Thank you.

  • Exciting stuff! I can’t wait mate, glad it is all coming along well! I would have loved to be a beta reader for you, but unfortunately with work/home/writing/reading responsibilities, it just couldn’t work. Maybe Book 3? 🙂

    I also can’t wait to see what Ryne brings out!

  • Hello Ryne!

    Yours is coming out in June, too? Very cool! I’ll totally pick up a copy!

  • Awesome, I can’t wait to read book 2.

    I’m also going to have a June release, but mine will be for my debut novel. This is pretty awesome. =)

  • Thanks Annie!

    Your coupon has been emailed!

  • Book looks cool!!!

  • Hi Christy!

    Your copy is on it’s way!

  • I would love a copy of your book in Kindle format. Thanks for being so generous.
    christygibbon at juno dot com

  • Hi Denise!

    You bet! Email on the way!

  • I also read your post on Amazon and would like a free copy in Kindle format. Can you use the email I put in the Leave a Reply info so I don’t have to post it here?

  • Hi Krissie!

    You got it! Want me to send your copy to the e-mail you left?

  • I read your post in Amazon about gifting the first 10 people copies of your book. I would like to receive a copy in Kindle format. Thanks so much!!

  • So very close! I’m definitely shooting for a June release!

    Already have tons of ideas for book III!

  • Woohoo! I can’t wait to check out book 2. That will be a good start to the month of June for sure.