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Read an Ebook Week!

Each year Smashwords has their “Read an Ebook” promotion where they invite authors to include their books in with the promo.  Each year I usually participate and this year is no different.  Of the books that I’ve published, and that aren’t permafree, I’ve included them in the 50% off category.  So if there’s a title you haven’t read yet then now would be the perfect time to catch up on any missing stories!

A Portal for Your Thoughts (Tales of Lentari) will be released soon, followed shortly thereafter by TfaP (Tales of Lentari #4), so now’s the time to make sure you’re current on all your Lentarian adventures!

Here’s the link on Smashwords.  Essentially, what you’re going to want to do is before you purchase the books from Smashwords you’ll want to use the coupon code RAE50, which reduces the price by 50%.

Here in the next day or two I will be officially revealing the cover and description for A Portal for Your Thoughts.  Subscribers to the Daily Scroll were given an exclusive sneak peek several weeks ago so if you haven’t already signed up for the newsletter, please do so!  That way you won’t ever miss any book releases, contest notifications, giveaways, name submission requests, etc.

On a sad side note I’m sure everyone saw that Leonard Nimoy passed away.  It’s funny.  I didn’t feel this bad when James Doohan passed away.  *sigh*  I know he’s done more work besides what he’s done for the Star Trek universe but to me he’ll always be Spock.

In more movie news, have you guys heard that they’re making another Aliens movie?  This time, chronologically speaking, it’s gonna fall between Aliens and Alien3.  I had heard rumors that the director is going to flat-out ignore the fact that Alien3 and Alien:Resurrection were even made, but I guess he’s gonna find a way to do the movie without discrediting the two sequels that followed.  It would also appear that Sigourney Weaver is very interested in doing it, as is a certain friend of mine, Mr. Michael Biehn.   He’s told me before that he was extremely disappointed that he wasn’t in Alien3 and that Hicks deserved a much more fitting demise than what they gave to him in Alien3.

So rejoice all you Aliens fans!  The sequel to Aliens that we were all hoping Alien3 would be is finally gonna happen!  I haven’t benn this excited for a horror movie in, well, forever!

The next issue of Daily Scroll is going out very soon!  I’m pretty sure you guys (& gals!) will want to see what I have in mind for the next Tales of Lentari cover!

Hope you have a great week and be sure to get in plenty of reading!


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