Who wants to be a Beta Reader?

Hi, guys!

Well, here I am, rapidly approaching the finish line to my 8th book.  Wizard in the Woods is a fun romp featuring Mikal and a few returning characters, along with a couple of new ones.   My deadline to have everything done is  August 21st, ’cause that’s when I’m supposed to have the finished, edited, and proofed manuscript submitted to Amazon so I can easily make the release day, which is the end of August.

So, it’s time to line up some beta readers.  Many of you have expressed interest in helping me out.  For that, I am eternally thankful.  Nothing makes me feel better than having a whole slew of people anxious to sign up.  Therefore, before you add your name to the hat, let me run through what I’m looking for in a beta reader.

  • Beta readers will have strong spelling skills.  I will be using my spellchecker but mistakes can and will slip through the cracks.
  • Good English skills.  Do I have a fragmented sentence?  How about the wrong tense of verb?
  • Able to spot continuity/plot holes.  Did I reference something but then never mentioned it again?  Did I leave a gaping plot hole?
  • Able to offer critique without worrying about hurting my feelings.  Trust me, I’ve heard it all.  An unbiased opinion is worth its weight in gold to an author.

If you’re interested, even after reading all of that, then please leave a comment below and let me know you’d like to sign up.  On top of my normal betas (family & friends) I will typically select anywhere from 6-8 people and give them a .pdf of the book.  That way whenever a problem has been spotted you can reference a specific page number, paragraph number, line number, etc., and I’ll easily be able to find it.

Oh, as a reminder, the Daily Scroll will be going out tonight with the very first sneak peek at the cover.  It’s in early design stage, and the artist has given me three possible designs to choose from.  I’ll be going over each one and explaining what I like and don’t like, and what I’d like to see for the next attempt.  Want to see it and be involved in its creation?  Sign up today!

Thanks, everyone!



  • Loved book 5 need more I know you are committing to more book why have Sara and Steve not had children that could be interesting .

  • Hi, Dianne! Thanks for stopping by!

    You’re absolutely right. The Inn Steve and the gang laid their trap in was Thacken Inn, in Donlari. But Thaden decided to throw a wrench in the works. 🙂

  • In your book Insurrection Donlari was the inn that they went to, but in Amulet of Aria you said the battle was in Verdayn.

  • Hi, Val! Signup for this particular title has already passed but am now seeking volunteers for my new mystery novel, coming out soon. Leave a message on the post “One Busy Freakin’ Month” and let me know you’re interested there.

    Thanks for the interest!

  • I am interested in being a beta reader.

    yours faithfully
    Val Switzer

  • I would like to be a beta reader if you are in need of more spell checkers etc.

  • Lol Col…… you put your comment in the wrong posting in your excitement…

  • I found you first…… I would love to be a beta reader.

  • Yes please….

  • I have read ALL your books and I absolutely LOVE them! I would love to be a beta reader!

  • I know I am probably late again for this, but I am always interested.

  • Me always please Jeff. xx

  • Hi Jeff,

    Caroline T. here again – happy to help if you’re still recruiting beta readers. Summary of my experience – I write technical reports for a living, write and edit multi-author academic manuscripts, and peer review manuscripts from other authors. Obsessive about typos and misplaced punctuation, happy to work to tight deadlines.

  • I was just talking with my SO, Lee Hartman about the idea of being a “Beta” reader. We would like to scrutinize your newest book together. Lee and I have often talked about misspellings and grammar errors, referring to them as, “potholes.” Reading a book is like riding down the road in a car. The road is smooth and winding and the ride is pleasant until you hit a pothole. Despite your former beta readers efforts, there are still a lot of potholes in your books. We love your stories and we would enjoy the privilege of filling in some of those potholes. p.s. We’re retired and Lee is a proofreader for another friend of his who is an indy author.

  • I’ve enjoyed your books and would be interested in being one of your beta readers.

  • Hey Jeff, I’d enjoy getting a look at the new book if you still need some more people.

  • Would love the opportunity to help out again.

  • I enjoy your books.

    I will pick up typical spell check errors (from v. form), misplaced homonyms, and incomplete sentences.

  • I’m up for it! Got all my grammar and style manuals from grad school,too!

  • I am very interested in being one of your beta readers, I have read all of your books and looked forward to the next one.

  • I’d love too!