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WitW Cover Reveal!

Here it is, fellow citizens of Lentari.  Here’s the finalized, colorized, cover for Wizard in the Woods (Tales of Lentari #5).

Wizard in the Woods

Final Cover

The first colorized draft for the cover had it placed at night.  While it looked very nice, I didn’t want another dark cover.  I asked Rachel how hard it would be to make the time of day something earlier.  I asked for ‘dusk’.  Almost immediately I was sent this.  I immediately knew this was the version of the cover I wanted.

I’m getting reports back from my beta readers and have been implementing the changes as I get ’em.  So far they have spotted all the embarrassing mistakes that would have ended up making me look quite foolish, so for that, I’m eternally grateful.  You beta readers rock!!

For those of you not familiar with the characters in the scene, allow me to explain what you’re looking at.  Noticeable right off the bat is Peanut, the corgi.  I’m sure your first thought is that Peanut has grown in size.  All I’ll say here is that no, she hasn’t.  Of the four of them (Peanut, Mikal, Lissa, & Pravara), Peanut is the only one who has her proper size.  And yes, this is taken from an actual scene in the book.

I can’t wait to release it!  I hope everyone likes it!



  • Hi Kristen!

    Oh, wow, it sounds like you’ve been through hell. No worries. You definitely had some extenuating circumstances happening to you. I hope you’re feeling better soon!


  • Hi Michelle!

    Thx for that. I really appreciate it! I think Rachel did a great job on the cover. Many a time I have to take a ton of time to think about what scene I want on the cover. This particular time it instantly came to me. I wanted Peanut back on the cover. And a dragon, too, of course.

    Stay tuned! Whenever I put out the call I’ll put a comment here on the blog and on Facebook. Thx for the interest! You made me smile! 🙂

  • I reconized Peanut right away! I only knew you were going to write about the Wizard. Now I know who else will be in the book! I was so hoping Lissa and Mikal would be together at some point! I could picture clearly the crush they had on each other! Oh and I just love Pravara, I hope to see more of her too!
    I also missed the Beta testing call, haven’t done one yet, but I know I will eventually!
    Love Love Love the books, again I have to tell you these should be MOVIES! Can’t wait for this book to come out!
    Michelle Ellis

  • I suppose I have missed out on Beta reading WitW,which really sucks. I had a problem with my iPad and lost my Lentari password. Then I had a seizure,fell and got a concussion and lots of bruises and spent 2 days in the hospital, where I contracted a really nasty respiratory virus. Being a professional sick person instead of being able to have a job and a normal life is not much fun at all. I’m as lazy as the next person,but I’d much rather work!