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Would you check out other genres from the same author?

Hypothetical question for you readers.  I know of several authors that have done this and am wondering what percentage would actually give it a try.  Let’s say you have a romance author who’s released a number of books.  The author has built up a sizable fan base as a result.  Now comes the announcement that the romance author is going to release another book, only this one isn’t romance, but science fiction, or any other genre that is nowhere close to what romance is.  Now, here’s my question.  If you’re already a fan of this particular author, would you be willing to try the new book written in a different genre than what you’re already used to?

The reason I ask is that I have now fallen into this category.  I’m a fantasy author and am working on a new book, namely the 6th Tales of Lentari novel.  BUT, I’m also working on the first novel in an entirely new series in a new genre:  mystery.  What are the chances that you’d be willing to give the book a try?  As always, comments are always appreciated.  And don’t worry.  You won’t ever hurt my feelings by telling me the truth.  I value honest opinions more than anything.



  • i would read anything that you write! huge fan!!!!

  • I would depending on title and brief description of the book on the cover. Have ddiscovered other books this way.

  • I know what you mean. If there’s an author I like (and there’s quite a few) then that typically means I like their writing style. If I learn they have created a new book in another genre that I like I’m certainly willing to go take a look.

    That’s what I’m hoping for here. 🙂

  • My thought is to try about anything from an author i enjoy reading and supporting as long as it is somewhat in the genres i like.
    J Lallo’s Deacon series is so well written i gave his steampunk a try. Glad i did.
    Valerie Zambito’s Shifter series is another of my faves in the fantasy field so i tried her paranormal series. Again glad i did.
    Guess for me it often is if the author writes in a way that i enjoy following; then there is a good chance i will like their other work.