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Any wine connoisseurs out there?

This request goes out to all wine lovers out there.  A book I’m presently working on features a character living in a small community where there are several local wineries.  What are your favorite wines?  Are they from local wineries or are they from a well known brand?  I was looking for some ideas for some local wines for the town.

Let me know your thoughts!  I’m dropping the security down so that anyone can post.  Thanks in advance!


1 Comment

  • Wow, no wine lovers! Hopefully I can give you a bunch to go on, I’m also dabbeling in writing a sci-fi book. My favorite wine Vella, Delisious Red. A California winnery, neighboring state. More local Pahrump Valley Vineyards – Desert Blush. OK I’m an artist living in Sin City Las Vegas, NV. My art hangs in a gallery “City of the World” a Non-profit. We want the world to know Las Vegas has more to offer than gambling. We do a Jazz cafe offering live jazz with complimentary wine and chocolates. I’m sure hidden in Lentari (probably not well) is a Sin City? I’m sure like our artist community the are lots of citizens who wish to be known for more than gambling and prostitutes, but alas it is what brings the people. You are invited to our next Jazzed Cafe Saturday Feb. 13, 2016. Valentine’s theme. Tickets sell for$15.00 includes wine chocolate and live jazz. I could probably get you complimentary tickets, especially if City of the World is in a book. Plan to get here 2/4-5 first Friday in the arts district. For money I drive a handicap bus, for fun I paint, write and volunteer.