Beta Reader sign-up time!

This is the first of two beta-reader signups that I’m going to be holding.  If you’re here to volunteer your help, I truly appreciate it.  Just be certain you understand that you’re not signing up for both books, just one.

This is the beta reader signup for Case of the One-Eyed Tiger (Corgi Case Files #1).  This novel isn’t as long as my epic fantasy stories, and that’s because it isn’t (gasp!) a fantasy.  Yep, this is my first ever attempt at a mystery novel, written in first person narrative.  So go easy on me.

What’s expected:

  • Checking for typos & grammar problems
  • Continuity problems
  • Plot holes
  • Not concerned with giving harsh advice where necessary.  Trust me, I can take it.
  • Be willing to fill out an Excel form listing what page # you found the problem, what type of problem it was, and why (only if you want to) you feel there’s a problem.

Still interested in signing up?  Leave a comment below so that I know you were here and have read the What’s Expected section.

Thanks in advance!  I look forward to working with you!  Stay tuned.  As soon as PoR (Tales of Lentari #6) is ready for beta readers, I’ll post a similar announcement!



  • Hello, Gayle!

    If you’re offering then I’d be honored to have your help! Do you have a FaceBook account? I’ve created a private group called The Posse, where family/friends/readers will meet to talk about the books, help point out mistakes, and essentially lend a hand with anything that requires help!

    If you’re able to, send me a request on Facebook and I’ll send you an invitation to join the Posse!

    Thx for offering to help!


  • Dear Mr. Poole, I am an extremely good proofreader, especially with grammar, spelling, and sequence. One big suggestion…I have noticed in the 6 books I have read a consistent error. Myriad should NEVER be followed by of! It is an adjective! Myriad colors – yes. Myriads of colors – NO! NEVER!! I am surprised no one has commented on this. The of is inherent in the definition of myriad. Myriad means many OF something! At any rate, I would love to assist with proofreading and naming. I am quite creative with names. I am a retired middle school teacher who rather misses the classroom. I also had a very demanding grammar teacher in my own educational past, and it really stuck. I am quite critical of authors who have poor proofreading and editing. On Amazon I am Gayle Julien (my maiden name) if you wish to look up some of my reviews. I have been a bit easier on you than many because your stories are so good it’s easy to overlook a few grammar and editing errors. Regards, Gayle

  • Dear Jeffery

    I’ve replied to your message on Facebook i’d be honored to be a BETA READER so will do as soon as I’m allowed Into Password

    Best Wishes Always

    Sorcha Liu

  • I would love to be a beta reader for your next Lentari book as I’m a huge fan of the series!

  • I would love to help if you still need some beta-readers. I love your writing and your books captivate me. I would be thrilled to be of help to you. Thank you so much for sharing your imagination and talent.

  • I’d love to be a beta reader! I love your books!

  • I’d like to read your book for you! I enjoyed the previews.

  • Would love to be a beta reader 🙂

  • Would love to try beta reading for you.

  • As always I’d love to be a beta reader!

  • If you need a beta reader as I sent before, I am Ready.
    PS: My Corgi, Abby, says she is ready too.

  • How exciting. Congratulations on completion

  • I would love to be a Beta reader for you. Not only do I enjoy your writing, but Your timing is impeccable. I just recently had expressed an interest in offering to become a Beta reader for a few of my favourite authors. It would be an honour.

    If it helps, I have a degree in Education with an English major. I’ a vey good editor especially for typos and grammatical areas. I help out a technical writer from time to time. He believes I find things many others would miss. I understand it is a volunteer position.

    If chosen, I look forward to working with you. I would be thrilled to play a small role in work that will be published.

    When asked foe an address, I assumed you meant e-mail. If not, please let me know and I will provide my mailing address. If you need any further information, I would be pleased to provide it.

  • I would love to help with your new project! And I always give you my honest opinion.

  • Super keen to read both and give honest comment.

  • Beta Reader Sign up, ready, willing and able.

  • As always I am interested. I hate when coworkers use improper English but I toleate it. The worst is the double negative. That I do joke with them on.

  • If you’re still looking for Beta readers, I volunteer.

  • I’ll help you hide the bodies.

  • Sign me up always look forward to seeing what you have for us

  • I would love to be a beta reader for your new book!

  • Me Please as always can’t wait! X