Two Books at the Same Time?

Yep.  I’m currently working on 2 books at the same time.  Those would be books #13 & #14.  I’ve had numerous people ask about the 7th Tales of Lentari novel.  What I can tell you instead is that there’s a brand new Lentari series starting up.  It’s going to be a trilogy.  If you want to get technical, it could be called Tales of Lentari #7, but instead, it’ll be Pirates of Perz #1.

May the Fang Be With You (Pirates of Perz #1).  It’s the 10th novel set in Lentari.

Case of the Pilfered Pooches (Corgi Case Files #4).  For those of you who enjoy mystery novels, feel free to return to Pomme Valley for a spell!

Both books should be written by the end of the month.  I already have the cover made for Pirates of Perz #1.  I’ll contact my artist in Brazil (for the mystery novels) in a few weeks so he can get started on that cover.

It’s going to be a great month!  Stay tuned!  Oh, I’m also thinking about starting up some Goodreads Giveaways again.  Which book should I put out there?  You can vote for your favorites below.  Be sure to include which title you’re interested in AND which country you’re in so I can be sure they’re included!



  • I thought I posted this but I think the 1st book in the new trilogy would be good for the giveaway. Unless it’s the 1st book in anything you have written thus far.

  • P.s. I think the 1st book of the new series would be good for the giveaway . In usa.

  • Just finished CCF1 and it is one of the best books I have read in a long time! I go through about 2 books every week and rarely am motivated to find the next in the series. Your mystery was challenging enough to be compelling, the reveal flowed very well, you had a genuine personal connection with the reader, very enjoyable humor, and thankfully great descriptions without wasting pages of text with unnecessary words. That 60K was virtually perfect.

    Greet mystery, a setting and characters I really liked, and a fantastic canine depiction. Makes me wish I could move to PV, adopt a dog, and write a novel. Thank you.

  • I was hoping the inactivity was due to this. Need something else to read.

  • Good luck writing two books at the same time. I vote for the third Corgi Case Files book for the giveaway 🙂 I’m in the US.