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Concept drawings!

I created this post to show concept drawings as I get ’em. The illustrator that was going to do the cover for book 2 flaked out on me, but not before he gave me a concept drawing of a guur.

I found a second artist, FalyneVarger, who’s agreed to take on the job and make the cover for me.  Can’t wait to see it!   I’ll post a rough sketch as soon as I’m able to.

Guur Drone

Here’s a rough sketch of book 2’s cover!  Rachel, aka FalyneVarger, is doing an awesome job so far!

Cover image for book II - rough sketch

A meeting of two worlds!


Book II's Completed Cover!

Book I's New Cover!!




  • I got 5 bucks on the dog! The dragon is bigger but that dog looks feisty! Looks like a good cover can’t wait to see it finished.

  • No more Barnaby…

    Apparently he was too booked. I just wish he would have said something up front and I wouldn’t have had to scramble to find someone else on short notice. But I did, so all is good. 🙂

  • Hi Scott –

    I’ll post the rough sketch just as soon as he finishes up the changes I requested. And yeah, Barnaby does a helluva job.

    He actually gave me four sketches of his interpretation of what a guur looks like based on the chapter they appear in. I absolutely loved this one.

    As I get more drawings, I’ll post more and then let you know!

  • Jeff,

    Very cool picture of the guur. I am impressed with this guys work. When are you going to unveil the cover for book 2?

  • Ryne –

    I’ll look up your email and fire one off to you.

    He did a good job on the guur, didn’t he? I was really impressed!


  • Hey Jeff, awesome concept drawing.

    By the way, how do I go about sending you the coupon code for Smashwords? I have the code down, but I don’t have a way to send it to you.

    If you send me an email (my email is public and can be found on my blog, website, Amazon profile, Kindle Boards profile, etc.), I’ll send the code that way.