Promos & Sales!

Hello, everyone!

First and foremost, my fourth mystery novel, Case of the Pilfered Pooches, has been completed.  It’s now in the hands of my primary proofer and soon to be given to my Posse so they can start breaking it down.  As for me, I’m already hard at work on the 2nd Pirates of Perz novel.  It’s time to see what those devious pirates are up to and figure out why they’re about to head underground to pay a visit to the dwarves.  🙂

Astute observers will notice a new page has been added to the blog.  It’s called ‘Promos’.  That page has the current listing of all places where you might be able to find a deal on one of my books.  There are entries from Smashwords (several of the titles are presently 50% off!) and a few from Instafreebie (several titles are currently free!).  If you’ve been holding off purchasing some titles, or else you need a few to complete your libraries, head over there to take a look.  You never know.  You might be able to pick up the next title in the series at a discounted rate.

I’ve also added a Fan Art section to my ‘Art’ page.  I recently commissioned one of my nephews for a drawing of an oskorlisk, since the giant serpent was featured in the first Pirates of Perz book.  Well, he delivered!  I would also like to encourage anyone else who might have more of an artistic background than myself to submit drawings of your favorite character/scene.  Not only will it be posted on my Art page, but I’ll also give you a free ebook of your choice (using Smashwords’ coupons).

That’s it for now.  It’s time to head back to Lentari to see what mischief Captain Flinn has gotten himself into this time.  Happy reading!


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  • Cool. Anxiously awaiting.