Dec 31, 2018 - General    3 Comments

Delay of game…

I’m sorry for not posting more. There’s been a number of huge changes going on with me. Yeah, yeah, I know. No excuses.

But, in no particular order, here’s what I’ve had to deal with.

  1. Scrambled to make some (unwilling) repairs to our Havasu house so that we can…
  2. Listed the Havasu house for sale.
  3. Found a buyer, which precipitated a massive cleaning/dumping/donating trip to Havasu from Phoenix. This was what we did for the week of Thanksgiving.
  4. My sweet little corgi, Keeley, crossed the Rainbow Bridge two days after Turkey Day, while we were in Havasu. Was extremely thankful for all the hard work on the house, otherwise losing her would’ve been unbearable.
  5. My wife’s grandfather passed away. Had to make an emergency trip to northern CA, while being in no mood to socialize.
  6. Had to fit Xmas shopping in.
  7. Arranged for a new family member to join our clan.
  8. Back to northern CA for Xmas.

I’ll get CCF6 finished shortly. I promise!

Allow me to show you reason #7…


  • Definitively a lot on your mind!
    Sorry for your loss, both of them.

    That makes it quite understandable that we will have to wait for Sherlock and Watsons next adventures. Though something promising in the right column, starting that CCF6 is 101% complete…!

    Looking forward to get it onboard my reading device.
    And, afterwards? Waiting for the next tales from Lentari

  • Are there going to be any more story's with Steve and Sarah?

  • I want one I'm down to a 11 year old red and white female, friends female missed