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Avengers – Endgame Review (Spoilers)

Well, that was the longest 2 weeks imaginable. While my wife and I would’ve loved to see what has to be the most hyped movie in recent history the second it was released, we had to wait. Talk about a pain. Everyone wanted to talk about what happened. Trying to avoid spoilers proved difficult, but doable. I’ll hide any spoilers here, in case you haven’t seen the movie yet.

Okay, I usually look for three aspects of a movie when critiquing it: story, f/x, and acting. First up is the story. Personally, I thought they did an absolutely fantastic job. The writers managed to wrap up all 22 previous Marvel movies with one magnificent story, using not-unheard of methods to correct the events of Infinty War. Thanks to the last couple of minutes of Ant Man and the Wasp, we know Scott Lang is stuck in the quantum realm. How’s he going to get back?


A rat. Wouldn’t have called it. Plus, I wouldn’t have called the passage of five years before any action is attempted, either. But, for Ant-Man, time hasn’t touched him. Why? Because of the quantum realm, which, if someone could build a “quantum GPS”, someone could then theoretically go back in time.


So, with a “Fix” now plausible, it’s up to the survivors to pull it off. Do they do so? Yep, but not without some major setbacks.


We all knew from Infinity War that he/she who searches for the Soul Stone will only get it if someone sacrifices another. In this case, Hawkeye and Black Widow are sent to retrieve it, meaning one of them has to die. Both fight for the “honor”, but Black Widow is clearly a better fighter. Natasha dies.


I figured most of the characters would come back to life if they reversed Thanos’ almighty Snap o’ Death (and those that “dusted” do), but there were some who didn’t. Plus, others did die during the battle.


But Tony? Didn’t see that one coming. Oh, sure, I heard RDJ was tired of the role, and wanted to move on, but I didn’t think they’d seal his fate. Same for Chris Evans. Captain America didn’t die, but did end up going back in time to be with his one, true love: Peggy Carter, effectively retiring himself. Who becomes the next Capt. America? Not Bucky, but Sam!


As I said, I thought the story was fantastic. The special effects? Mind blowing. They must be seen to be believed. That last battle will leave you breathless. As for the acting, I really didn’t have any problems with anyone’s performance, either. Guys, if you’re a fan of the Marvel universe, you gotta see this on the big screen.

Story, A-
F/X, A+
Acting, A.
Final grade: A

Why the A- for the story? Well, that’s because I have a gripe or two. Yep, spoilers follow.


First (and biggest gripe) happens at the extreme end of the movie. We’re shown what life is like after the events of undoing The Snap. Peter Parker is back in school, embracing his friends. Ok, hello? Peter was gone for 5 years. Presumably, so was half the school, yet when Peter goes back to school, it’s like no time has passed? None of the people that survived the Snap would still be there, having GRADUATED.

Second gripe: are we to believe that Tony and Banner really have the ability to create a gauntlet of their own which will harness the power of all 6 Infinity Stones? In Infinity War, we learn the huge dwarf, the same one who forged Thor’s new axe, was the only one who could’ve made the gauntlet, which he admits he did. By the way, my wife and I argue about this one. She feels, since both Tony and Banner are brainiacs, then they’d be able to figure it out. Agree to disagree, dear.


That’s it for me. Avengers – Endgame was a highly satisfying 3 hour movie that deserves to be seen, especially in the theater. Two thumbs way the hell up!


  • I agree completely with you Jeff! I actually went into the movie thinking the writers wouldn't be able to tie it all together. I was wrong! WOW! I was really amazed at the FX, story, and acting as well. I went through every emotion watching it. Black Widow 🙁 was a complete shock! Another tear jerker was Spider-Man he had me in tears again. The spoilers that came out before the movie gave away Stark, so I wasn't as surprised. THE ENDING! Oh Boy, what a battle! The audience that was with us must have been mostly women. My daughter and I both yelled "Woman Power", and there had to be 20 other women or girls who yelled it too! I am so happy with the Captin America ending! I thought to myself he finally got the dance he wanted. I actually watched it twice! My daughter and I felt like we might have missed something so we went alone and watched it again. I really love being in an audience where everyone is cheering and crying together. It makes the movie so much more fun. I am glad I can finally talk about it to someone! It was so hard keeping my mouth shut for so long, LOL. I am not good at keeping secrets, my daughter is worse! My youngest. LOL. I am sad about the end, but I look forward to what comes next!

  • I have two problems with the film.
    1) they can go back in time without it effecting the future, but have to return the Infinity Stones to their original timeline because it will effect the future.
    And the biggest problem
    2) the Thanos from the past jumps into the future to steal the Infinity Stones fae the Avengers and after an epic battle dies, if the past Thanos died before he could use the stones then the deaths that he caused both searching for them and from snapping his thingers never happened it also means he never sacrificed Gamora.

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