Nov 3, 2020 - General, Latest, News, Updates    2 Comments

Go Vote!

If you live in the US, I have no doubt you realize what’s at stake. This election, more than any other than I can remember, has a lot riding on it. Not only will it determine who will be our president for the next four years, it will also give us the chance to return to some semblance of normalcy.

I typically don’t indulge in politics, and I know this may upset some of you, but we really need to vote that orange monkey out of office. I would actually love to be able to utter ‘Proud to be an American’ once again, and right now, I can’t. Not as long as that idiot is in the White House.

So, if you want to get your voice heard, now’s the time: vote! If you haven’t done so already, cast your ballot. Vote for you believe in. Let’s get this country back on track!


  • Hello Ronald –

    Thank you for taking the time to post a message. I’m always happy to hear from fans, regardless of whether they agree with me or not. I don’t typically indulge in politics, and I completely understand if you wish to stop being a fan. There are those who love/support the current government, and there are those who don’t. I’m allowed to have my own views, as are you. I may get into a heated discussion with someone, but will never lose respect over their political affiliations. If you choose to sever ties, I completely understand. No hard feelings.

    Happy reading!


  • Jeff, I have read and loved your lentari books. I really wish you had not metioned your political stance, as I am not sure I can continue to support you. The orange monkey as you say is a damn site better than the confused democrat puppet. Our country will be all the weaker and worse off with him in office. May God Bless and protect us over the next 4 years, that is if the democrats dont ban him as well.