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St. Patty’s Day Release!

Case of the Shady Shamrock (Corgi Case Files #12)

Looking for a story that has an Irish flair to it? Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day comes Case of the Shady Shamrock!

A mysterious package appears on Zack Anderson’s doorstep. When he opens the crate, there’s an elaborate silver chest, obviously quite old, with Celtic markings and no apparent way to open it. Zack is almost content to accept the artifact as a decorative item … until people start coming after it. The only conclusion is that the box contains something of great value. Zack, Jillian, Sherlock, and Watson are on the case, tracking down the unusual item, learning tidbits about the box’s history, and discovering that it dates back to an unsolved theft in Ireland more than a hundred years ago.

Can Zack, Jillian, and the corgis piece together the clues and find out what’s inside the little chest before it gets snatched from their hands forever?

Available at major retailers!

1 Comment

  • I just finished the Case of the One Eyed Tiger. I loved it. Zach was so believable and I just loved Sherlock. I look forward to reading more. Will Zach and Jillian continue? I hope so!