New Titles Update!

Case of the Ragin’ Cajun (CCF13) is up for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, and so on. My publisher tells me they plan to release it by the end of next month, but what they’ve been doing is pushing the date forward if they know the title is ready to be released. So… I’m guessing it’ll be early to mid July. It’s just a guess. 🙂

On the fantasy front, Harness the Fire (Dragons of Andela #1) should be finished within the next week or two. It’ll go through it’s customary editing process, and then be given to the beta readers. I’m predicting it’ll be released by the end of July, early August. And, if it happens sooner, then I’m not gonna argue!

Next up for book titles will be CCF14, Case of the Missing Marine, followed by either the next DoA or, and I’m strongly considering this, a new Tales of Lentari story. I’ve got several bouncin’ around my head, and I’m eager to revisit everyone’s husband & wife team. What do you think? Would anyone like to see another Tales of Lentari story? Please leave a comment below!


  • Hi Christine!

    Thx for being a fan! I appreciate it! The Hunt for Red Oskorlisk was my third attempt at a short story. I had a lot of fun with it, and have even referenced "The Hunt" on more than one occasion.

    You're right, I had HfRO up as an incentive to sign up for my newsletter, but have long since swapped it out with a different story. Tell you what. Send me an email and I'll forward a PDF copy to you, since it has never been published in print form. Use jmpoole(at) gmail dot com. Sorry for the weird way to type out an email addy, but if I wrote it like usual, I'd get all kinds of spam messages, since people have nothing better to do with their time than scour websites looking for active email addresses.

    Thx again! I'll get the PDF over to you as soon as I see the email!


  • Hi Mary –

    Thx for the kind words about my CCF series. I appreciate it! And garden flags? Interesting idea! Is there a website you can go to in order to "make your own"?

  • Hi Mr Poole
    I love all your books, which I've collected on Kindle. The only one I don't have is the short story about the Hunt for the Red Oskorlisk. I signed up for your newsletter but I haven't heard anything further. Just incase, I signed up again.
    I have all your books, so I would love to have this one as well.
    Looking forward to your new book very much!

  • Never get tired of Corgi Case Files . Would love new Lentari Book and anything with a Dragon has to be almost as good as a corgi. Can't wait for all your releases. have you considered garden flags for your mercandise with corgi case file characters they are easier to store and use instead of wreaths for your door every season.