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The Countdown Begins!

We now have less than two weeks to go before Case of the Stuttering Parrot is released. Read on for a brief description!

Zack and Jillian are back in Pomme Valley after their wedding and honeymoon, and life is filled with exciting plans, such as enlarging the winery and building their new dream home. Zack’s consulting cases for the police have been few, and the couple’s two corgis are getting along well with their new housemate, Ruby the African grey parrot. But suddenly Ruby is quoting Shakespeare and coming up with random sayings she couldn’t possibly have overheard. And what does any of this have to do with a bank robbery and the death of a security guard in a town a hundred miles away?

But when the corgis, Sherlock and Watson, begin to take notice of oddball things, Zack knows he needs to pay heed. In their usual fashion, the super-smart little dogs will gather the clues so Zack and his cop buddy Vance can put it all together.

Currently available for pre-order, so if you haven’t already resevered a copy, please do so now!

COMING SOON: Two new audiobooks will be joining my library of titles. First is the 12th in my Corgi Case Files series, Case of the Shady Shamrock. Second, Harness the Fire, the first Dragons of Andela adventure, is also in production. Both are slated to be available by the end of next month.

At the moment, I’m hard at work on Strike the Spark (Dragons of Andela #2). After that, it’ll be Case of the Rusty Sword, followed by Blast from the Past (Tales of Lentari #10). Time to head back to work!

Stay safe out there, people!


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