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Pre-Order CCF#16!

Look what just popped up for pre-order?  Case of the Rusty Sword (CCF#16) can now be reserved at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and several other retailers.  Want to know why Zack’s old house was hiding a hidden compartment?  Have you been wondering why a construction crew discoverd a US cavalry saber inside?  Sherlock and Watson are on the case!  Reserve your copy today!  Available August 11th!!

I’ve officially returned to Lentari for a spell. Steve and Sarah have awoken on their world and discovered the Lentari they know and love has … changed. Portal keys are missing, friends are gone, and a strange king and queen are sitting on the thrones. Also, magic has been forbidden!

When a foe from the past threatens their future, husband and wife must find a way to return to the past and set things straight. Together, Steve, Sarah, and their griffin companion Emerion, must travel to a hostile past, where they will encounter feuding dwarves, attacking griffins, and deceitful dragons. Determined to restore the timeline and preserve their future, Steve and Sarah must face one of their most dangerous adversaries a second time, and this time, he knows their coming. 🙂

Blast from the Past (Tales of Lentari #10) is due to have a release date this fall. I’ll be showing a preview of the cover once I start getting updates. Stay tuned!

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