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Spring Update!

Just yesterday, I put the finishing touches on Case of the Hobbit Heist (CCF#19). This mystery takes place at a Comic-Con, namely the first southern Oregon has seen in a few years. Who’s the headliner at the convention? None other than a good friend of mine, actor Michael Biehn. I thought it might be fun to have Zack and the gang meet up with the celebrity and help solve a crime that has befallen Michael, namely the theft of the plasma rifle he used in Aliens. Well, after doing some research online, I realized that I had better reach out to Michael first, before I started writing. Clearly, since I just finished the story, he said yes. Actually, he really loved the idea of being in a book, and agreed to write a Foreword to the story. This title is the second Corgi Case Files adventure I’ve finished that hasn’t been published. The next, due out next month, I believe, is Case of the Ice Cream Crime. This one, the Hobbit Heist, will more than likely be scheduled for a Fall release.

What’s next? Well, currently on my plate is to finish the edits for ToL4, Thoughts for a Portal. My publisher is in the midst of going through all my fantasies and polishing them up for re-release. New covers, new editing, and new promos are in the works for all of them. The Bakkian Chronicles were first, and have been cleaned up and given new covers. The first five Tales of Lentari titles will be released this summer, so I’ve got to get going!

Next up for me is a return trip to the Tales of Lentari series. Blast from the Past (ToL10) is slated for a Fall/Winter release, and then it’ll be back to Andela for Nuri’s tale in Clear the Water (DoA3).

Busy, busy, busy! Hope everyone is having a great Spring! Be safe and happy reading!


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