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Want to name a fictional character?

One of the hardest tasks I face when writing is coming up with character names for my books.

Book III has required quite a few new characters. Most are human, namely peasants, soldiers, officers, and so on. I’m also going to have to come up with some new dragon names. I have some but I thought it might be neat to give the readers and fans a chance to suggest some names and then maybe a corresponding jhorun to go along with them, provided they’re human. 🙂

Anyone who names a character that makes it into the book will be credited at the end! So if you’d like to see your name in print, hit me with your best shot and lets see if you’re mentioned in Book III!!


  • Hello meldfaerie! Thanks for stopping by! I’m so very glad you enjoyed the books. Always makes my day when a fan tells me they enjoyed reading the stories.

    Gaoh’s Garastah. Very very interesting. I’ve already added that one to my list and will do my damnedest to fit it in there somewhere. Windprints Picturemaker. I definitely like that. And yeah, that’d be an awesome jhorun! 🙂

    Have a great weekend!


  • Loved book 1 & 2 took me all of 3 days to finish both. As for name suggestion ” Gaoh’s Garastah ” is Iriquois for Windspirits Picturemaker and wouldnt that be a fantabulous jhorun being able to create pictures that came to life.

  • Hello Marquerette! That’s a very unusual name! I’ll see if I can use some form of it in the third book. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Afrikaans, huh? Do you live in South Africa? Whether you do or not, I’m always very pleased to meet a new fan. Thanks for stopping by!


  • Hey! Firstly, these are seriously the best books I’ve read in a while… Just LOVE the humour! You have a new fan for life… And about the name? My whole name is Marquerette, but short I use Querette. If spoken out in Afrikaans (my language) it will be: cu-reet. (as in ‘cu’ in cute; and ‘reet’ as reed, just with the spoken ‘t’.)
    Hope it helps! Quite a rare name… 🙂

  • A book all about dragons in Lentari…sign me up,I’m ready to read it…lol. Glad you liked the name Fizzlyn, he is a dragon that lives in some of my stories I tell my grandkids about two kids(guess who)that get to visit a magical land with all kinds of dragons, fairies, elves, unicorns..etc (someday I will write them down lol) He is a sickly looking green dragon that can only blow fire when he becomes nervous and gets the hiccups. He faints too at the sight of blood. Your welcome to the name though..I have no copyright on it hahaha.

  • Shadowyn is a little too close to Shardwyn. I like the name, though. I might be able to use the name as an ancestor of his, though. Hmmm. I’ll definitely jot that one down in my book o’ names. Chymeria. Interesting. Fizzlyn just cracks me up. LOL. I’m not sure where I can use that name in book #3, but I know I can use it in the next book I’m thinking about writing set in Lentari. That one is all about dragons!

    Thanks for the suggestions!


  • Eagerly awaiting your 3rd book still. Grandkids are still excited about having thier names used. They ask me regularly when the book will be out lol. I have a few dragon names to throw at you. First one is Shadowyn. 2nd name Chymeria(pronounced ky meer ee ah) and last but not least Fizzlyn(for a dradon just not quite up to snuff…lol.

  • Hi Kaiya! Thanks for stopping by!

    I do enjoy the suggestions. Your family has some really cool names! Kaiya. I can definitely use it somewhere. I’ve added them to my list of names for book III!

    Thanks again for the suggestions!


  • Hi. I think you could use Kaiya (my name). Lorinda (my grandmas name). Aurelia ( my grandmas name). Lochlin (my cousins name). Or Morgan (my best friends name).

    Thanks! Hope you consider them.

  • Hi Dwayne!

    Thank you very much for stopping by to say hello! I do appreciate your kind words. I also wanted to say thanks for leaving the reviews for both books on Amazon UK. I really appreciate it! Totally made my day!

    I like those names. Zabbe. Sounds like a human soldier. Maybe one of Celestia’s henchmen? Kylynne and Lalonde. My wife loves those, too. Not sure where but I’ll get them in book III somewhere!

    Thanks again for the suggestions!


  • Hi Jeff,

    I found Bakkian book 1 free on Amazon and thought i’d give it a try and i’m so glad that i did. I immediately became hooked to the book and couldn’t put it down, finished the first book far too quickly and had to buy the second book asap. Problem was I read this one even quicker… could you please make sure the next one does not run out of pages =) such entertaining reads, very impressed by how you managed to work little bits of humour into the story.

    I cannot wait to download the third (fan for life now)

    Could I suggest some names if you still need them would be brilliant to spot them in your next book;

    Zabbe – sounds like a crazy wizard or townfolk
    Lalonde (La-lon-day)

    Best Regards,

  • Thanks for taking the time to leave the reviews, Bob! I appreciate it!

    Making someone have to use the loo. Now THAT is funny!!! Hmmm… 🙂

  • Jeff

    Thats the second under my belt. Really enjoyed it and have left reviews for both on Amazon. I was thinking of jhoruns. I came up with a nasty one. The abilty to make someone urgently need the loo ! Line jumpers, Cops writng tickets…Watch them rush away with quick little steps!

    Best Regards


  • Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the reply.I think I will enjoy the 2nd.Thanks again for your endeavour.


  • Hello Bob!

    Thank you very much for your kind words! I’m very glad you’re enjoying my book. It was a lot of fun to write and a lot more involved than I originally gave it credit. Wouldn’t change the experience for anything. 🙂

    Thanks for your suggestions! Caradoc. I like the name. I vaguely remember reading about him in my history class many eons ago.

    I hope you enjoy the 2nd!


  • I have to say how much I am enjoying the First Bakkian Chronicle. I’m nearly at the end and have just purchased the 2nd one. Any writer who creates images from words as easily as a hot knife through butter and at the same time creating a good story always gains my admiration.
    As to names, I wonder if Dickens had such trouble ? Sweedlepipe, Bumble, Scrooge, Uriah Heep,and Magwitch to name a few of his creations. Amazing.
    I suppose I could suggest names from a favoured time in history. How about Caradoc. He fought the Romans when they invaded what became England. He was betrayed by his Mother in law, Cartismandua. One of his Roman foes was a general called Scapula.
    Any way, I’m looking forward to starting Book 2. I read,having a jar or three, in a pub dating from the 1600’s opposite a church from the 1200’s. Nice place to enjoy books.

  • Thanks, Sautin! That means a lot! I’m so very glad you enjoyed the books! I’m hard at work on the third as we speak. 🙂

    Lorcan. I like the name. I’m sure I can use it somewhere. Might even give it to another dragon. Thanks for the suggestion!


  • Awesome, also I forgot to mention that I powered through your books 1 and 2 of the Bakkian Chronicles. I could not put them down, I read from the time the kids went to bed at 8:30 until 2 in the morning on average. Love the books, they are written very well and I thank you for writing them.

    I have another name if you are interested: Lorcan, it is Irish and it means Fierce

  • Hello Sautin –

    Thanks for the suggestion! Sautin would make a great name for a dragon. Hmmm, I’m working on a dragon battle at the moment. Congrats! Sautin just became a dragon!

    Thanks again for your interest!


  • Or what about Arealian (Arail ee an). Sounds like a cool dragon.

  • I think my username (Sautin Sow-Tin) would be a good dragon name. I use it online everywhere I am. Someone said that it means ‘Walks with the other side’ as in spirit world. I think it is a pretty cool name.

  • Hi Kandi! Thanks for the suggestions! Regan. That’s a good name. I have some female characters coming up that will need names, so I might use it!

    I’m glad you enjoyed the first two books. I’m hard at work on #3! Thanks again for the suggestion!

  • Just finished book 2 – awesome, btw.

    If I ever get around to writing my nebulous fey story/book, my main character’s name will be Regan Sinclair (female). Considering that I haven’t typed a single paragraph in the year I’ve been thinking about it, it’s unlikely to be written. So…you are welcome to use her name in the meantime.

    A cool jhorun for one of the peasants might be the ability to weave fine fabrics, maybe imbued with protective enchantments, depending on how valuable a jhorun the character needs.

    Hope this might give you an idea or two to run with. Best wishes. Can’t wait for book 3!

  • Ooooo, interesting! Gonna jet over there to take a look! Thanks!

  • You know, if you don’t care about meaning, you should look at the Fantasy Name Generator.

  • Agreed–definitely male name. That’s what I was thinking with the 2 ‘Rs’; I have a son named Ehren, which is German for ‘honorable.’

  • Erryn and Kaiya. I remember Willow. Great movie! I don’t think I’d be able to use my favorite character, Madmartigan.

    I just used Tobin. I have Sarkan reserved for a future dragon coming up. I know I can use Kaiya somewhere in there. Erryn. Hmmm. Male or female name? Sounds male.

  • There’s Erryn Vorpal (tribute to Jaberwocky) and
    Kaiya (nice girly name from Willow-wife of Willow).

  • Hey there!

    I really like those names. Venk Tobin. And I also like Sarkan. I know I can use ’em!

    I’d be willing to look at any other names you can come up with!


  • Okay, I’m a real Ghostbusters fan, so how about Venk Tobins. “Venk” obviously from Peter Venkman, and another name referenced in the movie, “Tobin” from Tobin’s Spirit Guide.

    Sarkan could be a dragon name, as “Sarkany” means dragon in Hungarian (thank you Google Translate).

    Please let me know if you want more.