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Lentari’s Newest Citizen Named!

Printed with permission from the High Court of R’Tal…

Official Application Questionnaire for Citizenship into Lentari

Name of ApplicantScott Poe

List any aliasesIndie Book Blogger, Fabled Reviewer o’ Tales

OccupationOverseer over imports at Sears Hardware

Current place of residenceThe land of the erratic climate also known as Columbus Ohio

Ye have expressed interest in the title of Fabled Reviewer o’ Tales. What qualifications do ye possess for this esteemed position?   I maintain a site where reviews can be seen by all who are looking for a quality piece of literature outside of the traditional publishing box.  I plan on adding at least 100 stories to my list per year and look at a variety of genres.

If granted citizenship, and ye are deemed worthy of an audience with Kre’Mikal so that a jhorun may be bestowed unto ye, what jhorun would ye desire? Why?  I think an elemental control of earth would be a good one to have.  Being able to pull stone from the ground to build walls or structures plus being able to excavate caves for emergency shelter or storage.

Wyverians. Are ye pro or against co-habitation?  Pro for sure.

Trolls. Leave them be or drive them away?   Internet trolls need to be driven away and imprisoned or executed.  Under the bridge kind of trolls can actually contribute to society in some way so let them be.

If employment is not granted within R’Tal, which village would ye seek out? What occupation would ye excel at that would benefit the village?   I think that I could benefit any village as a historian/storyteller.  My mind is fairly well trained from all of the reading I do.  If that fails me I can go to my background for my day job “I may not be smart, but I can lift heavy things.”

Finally, if ye had to undergo weapons training, what would the weapon of choice be for ye?  I’ve always loved ranged weapons so I would have to go with the bow or crossbow.  When I was 12 I went to Japan for a week and we spent a little time at an archery range and it was a lot of fun to me.

Upon completion of crossbow demonstration, to be performed at applicant’s earliest convenience, said applicant is hereby granted Lentarian citizenship and will assume full responsibilities as Fabled Reviewer o’ Tales.  Applicant will report to the royal library to begin new responsibilities in one fortnight.  A permanent residence will be assigned at that time.

 Signed –


Cmdr. Rhenyon, 1st Battalion

Castle R’Tal, Lentari

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