Jun 7, 2012 - General    2 Comments

The Anthology is out!

Hello everyone! The Lyndsey Roughton Anthology has been released, officially titled “Sweet Dreams“.

There are a total of 17 short stories, including one of my own, entitled Bakkian Chronicles – The Disneyland Debacle. It takes place right between books II and III, so if you’d like to experience Steve and Sarah’s first trip to Disneyland with everyone (Mikal, Annie, and Tristan), then be sure to pick up a copy. You’ll find some wonderful stories by some very gifted authors! I’ve picked up my copy and I encourage you to pick one up, too. All proceeds will go to benefit Lyndsey Roughton and hopefully send her on her dream vacation.

Once more, here’s the link to Sweet Dreams. Thanks for helping us out!


  • Hi there! I appreciate you taking the time to look me up and say hello!

    I’m glad you enjoyed the first book. Means a lot! And I also hope you enjoy the 2nd. I had a lot of fun with it. Included my dog (Mikal’s dog, Peanut) and also threw in my sis-in-law (Annie’s character) in there to have some fun.

    I know what you mean about edits. Drives me nuts. I’m still, every great once in a while, stumble across a typo that my editor missed, I missed, my wife missed, my Beta Readers missed, etc. **sigh** It’s a never ending battle.

    Thanks again for the compliment! I hope you have a great day!


  • Teriffic! There is NEVER enough good stuff to read. Thanks for the first Bakkian Chronicles. I will buy the second on Friday(my husband scheduled a student loan payment wthout telling me or I would do it now.). Unlike a lot of books at Amazon, I didn’t have to re-edit yours as I read it.