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Amulet of Aria almost finished!

Just got the high-res image that will be the cover for Amulet of Aria. Looks fantastic! Rachel did a fantastic job once again! Her husband has taken over and is now working on the title graphics. You guys are gonna love the finished cover!

My Beta Readers are standing by. My editor is standing by. Cover is practically done. Hmmm, what are we waiting on? *sigh* Oh, yeah. That’d be me. Well, in my defense, I’m almost done. 🙂

For those of you on Facebook, I have (reluctantly) been dragged into social networking, so if you’d like to add me as a friend, I’d appreciate it!


  • Hey there! Thanks for the compliments!

    I appreciate you recommending my books to your family and friends. Means a lot!

    I’ve had several people ask me if I would go back through the first book and “clean it up” so that it’d remove quite a few glaring errors. I’ll be honest. I’ve toyed with the idea. Then I started thinking about it. No, I don’t think I will. It’s already been released. It’s been read by thousands and thousands of people. Most liked it, some didn’t. I know I can’t please everyone, so it’ll stay the way it is and what I will do is learn from my mistakes and the feedback I’ve received so that I don’t make the same mistakes again. 🙂

    You typed all that on a phone? Wow! It is hard enough to type on my iPad. I just need a keyboard. LOL!

    Thanks again for the compliments!!


  • I read your first two books in record time and look forward to reading the third verg soon I hope! I found myself teleported into the storys such is tge strength of the descriptive writing and story.. it was a wise choice to get some proof readers as in the first book in particular the odd gramatical mistakes pulled me out of Lentari back to the pages of the book whilst my brain worked out the glitch.. I will be recomending this book to all of my friends that I know read.. My thoughts in a nutshell…FAN BLOODY TASTIC SIRE!!!
    PS) Sorry for any spelling or gramitical mistakes in this crit as I am writing this on my phone.

  • Hi there! Thank you so much for stopping by and saying hello!

    First off, let me put your fears to rest. The editor I have isn’t that type of editor. She checks for grammatical errors, wrong punctuation, poor choice of vocabulary, etc. She’s not the type of editor that will say I need to add certain things, change this or change that.

    Not only that, I can veto whatever she suggests, which thus far I haven’t as she’s typically spot-on. 🙂 If you’ve read the second book, then you’ve seen an example of what she’s helped with. The first book was all me, but she handled the editing on the second.

    The third book, Amulet of Aria, is almost complete. I hope you’ll like it! Don’t worry, it’s written in the same style as the other two, so no worries there!

    Thanks again for stopping by! Your comment made my day!


  • Hello 🙂 I just finished your second book and read your Author’s note afterwards. I just wanted to say that I so completlely loved reading your books!!!!! I worried a little when I read that you hired an editor to suggest changes. I suppose that could be good? But I sure hope whoever you hired, doesn’t try and change the way you write! I love the way you tell a story. As soon as I finished the first book, and I mean right then, I bought the second one. (I have a Nook) Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us and please, don’t change your style. I am looking forward so much to the final installment. And, hopefully, many more books from you.

  • Thanks, Sautin! I appreciate that! This one has been a lot of fun to write! Plus, you’ll see your name in there. 🙂

  • Absolutely cannot wait for the book to come out. I have been anticipating the last book for awhile now (Well at least since I finished the second one).