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Amulet of Aria is released!

Hello everyone!

It’s with great pride that I announce the release of the third and final chapter of the Bakkian Chronicles!

Amulet of Aria was uploaded to Amazon a little bit ago and it just went live!  I’ll upload to Smashwords tomorrow since they require a whole different set of formatting.  Keep checking back to see which stores Amulet of Aria has appeared in.  Trust me, I’ll be on top of it!!

UPDATE:  Have submitted book III to Smashwords!  Awaiting Premium Catalog inclusion!

Stores available:

Amazon   Amazon UK   Apple’s iBooks    Barnes and Noble    Diesel    Kobo     Sony Ereader


  • Hello Dorothy! Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate the kind words regarding the books. I really appreciate it!

    As I mentioned earlier, I hadn’t planned on doing anything besides the three Bakkian books, but the response from the fans has been overwhelming. So you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve already started on the next book. It’s not continuing the Bakkian Chronicles timeline, as that story is done, but it will be set in Lentari. And, also to give some more teasers here, I also have another three books lined up after this one that will also be set in Lentari.

    It’s funny. Once I decided to write more about Lentari, my wife and I sat down and hashed out some story ideas. Four instantly came to mind. My wife selected the one that she’d like to see next and voila! Book #4 is in the works!

  • WOOHOO…so excited. now I have to go get some paperback copies so Lucas and Madison can have their own copies with thier character names in them..they have been waiting ever so NOT patiently lol. Getting a copy on my Kindle because I want to start reading it RIGHT now and cant wait till I get to a book store.

  • Hi Mr. Poole,

    I have never written to another author, but after reading The Bakkian Chronicles, I felt I wanted to write to you. I have read so many fantasy books, and I have to say I just loved this series. Let me add my voice to those who have asked you to continue writing about this wonderful world you have created. Lol One of my favorite authors Anne McCaffrey wrote tons of books about Pern and the world she.created and I for one loved reading each and everyone of them. Your Lentari is much like Pern, you brought the characters to life and developed a world that is just so lovely to read about and hope on this crazy world we live in that maybe just maybe some where it exists. Lol I have to tell you that I really loved your books and have told all my friends about them, including my oldest son who has inherited my love of reading and loves fantasy books as much as I do. I wish you good luck and I would like to thank you for sharing your books. Keep writing and please consider what I have said lol I look foward to your next book and I hope you keep your Lentari world alive.
    Thank you,

  • Hey, you better believe I used them! And thanks for adding me on FB!

  • Just spotted that the 3rd book has been released. I was so excited I had to download it immediately from Amazon! =) I have a problem tho, I am currently working my way through some of Robin Hobbs books but I will have to delay those because I simply cannot wait to continue our shared journey!

    I must admit I am kind of anxious to see whether you managed to use any of the names I suggested and if so whether they were for good or evil. Roll on home time so I can find out. I added you on facebook too so I’ll never miss a new launch again lol.

    Thank you

  • Hi Trisha!

    Thanks for looking me up! I will say that I’m not planning on writing any more stories focusing on Mikal and his protectors, but I will tell you what my wife told me: “The Amulet of Aria is on our world. What if someone finds it?” 🙂

    You never know!!


  • I love books 1& 2, & am about to start book 3.I bought them from Amazon on my phone. I hope that you`ll consider writing more adventures about Steve, Sarah & Annie, I`m hoping Annie & Tristan get married!I`m 55 but enjoy stories of myth & magic, I`m still a girl at heart.