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Who Wants To Name A Fictional Character – Round 2!

The first time I asked the fans for a little help in naming a character for the third Bakkian Chronicles book, it was a huge hit. I had people from all corners of the globe giving suggestions. I used quite a few of them!

I’ve started working on my next book. It’s also set in Lentari. There will be a few returning characters but there will also be some new ones. Dragons, dwarves, and humans are just a few of the species who will be putting in appearances.

Think you have an idea for a character name? Let me know! It just might end up in my next book!


  • Thanks, Mark! I’ve added that and the other name you suggested to my list!

  • Hi Jeffrey.

    Just read all of your books and really enjoyed them.

    noticed the character naming part at the end of book three.

    would like to suggest Bykram for a character

  • Hi Charlotte –

    I recognized a form of Naiadra from Greek mythology. Hadn’t realized how that was spelled. I really like the Kemxandra, too. There’s gotta be somewhere I can use that. 🙂 Thanks again!

  • Hey Jeffrey!

    Naiadra is based on the greek naiads. I have always loved the sound of that word – and the somewhat universal nature of the idea of water spirits.

    Kemxandra – Kem is a scottish nod (http://www.houseofnames.com/kem-family-crest) the xandra comes from the feminine of alexander

  • *grins back*

    That’s ok then cos that means there will be more than one book more whoohoo

  • *grins*

    It’s one of the storylines waiting to be developed. I will be honest and say that it isn’t the plot of the one I’m working on now!

  • You can thank all the reviews on Amazon.co.uk who drew my attention, and to the wondrous Kindle, which let me download your 2nd and 3rd books, the instant I was finished with The Phrophecy. I just couldn’t wait to see what Sarah and Steve got up to next.

    Are we going to find out why Dragonriding is forbidden?

  • Hi Clawra!

    Thank you so much for reading all three books! Am very glad to hear you enjoyed them!

    Anghorus. A sleepy grey dragon with a bad memory. LOL! How interesting! I’ve added the names to my list of names!

    Thank you for suggesting them. If you think of any others, by all means let me know!


  • Hello,

    I’ve just read all three books this weekend and am totally in love with Lentaria and all the characters in it.

    I would love to see a sleepy Grey dragon called Anghorus, who has a bad memory!

    Would be pretty cool to see Clawra in print sometime too 🙂

    How about Drindra, Cantreya and Jurin

    Pillyx, Prixus and Prythys

  • I suffer from an embarrassing lack of creativity so I had to figure out some way to contribute to the book. Also the name Zoey is great for a human girl lol.

  • Lol! So that’s the secret, huh? I’ll have to give that one a try and see what I can come up with!

  • Jeff – The names came from punching letters on the keyboard and adding vowels where needed to make them slightly pronounceable. I’ll be honest it took me like 15 minutes to get those 3 lol.

  • Hi sallrw! Yes, I remember you!

    Creedyn. Now that is a cool name! Very original! I’ll have to find a spot in the Lost City somewhere!! I’ve added the other names to my list, too!

    Thanks for the suggestions!

  • Hi Charlotte!

    Oooo… I like Naiadra! And Kemxandra. Very cool! If you don’t mind me asking, what are the history with those names? Something you made up or do they have a meaning for you?

  • Hi Angenoir – I’m the one who should be thanking you! I appreciate you suggesting Paavin. I know I’ll use it somewhere!

  • Hi Scott – those are some cool names! Plukren? Kovabel? How’d you come up with those names? 🙂

  • Hi Jeff, I’m the one on the Bakkian Chronicles fb that’s in love with Steve:D I have grandson named Creedyn Danial. I think Creedyn could be a neat name for a character. How about Tista, Resha, Lugar, Ikan, Var for character names? Doesn’t matter if you pick my names or not I can’t wait to get my paws on the book:)

  • Well, I’ve always thought the name “Charlotte” was pretty great 😉 as long as the character is very stylish and has a wicked sense of humor!

    Seriously I would suggest:


  • Hi, I thought I’d come by your blog to see if there is anything new. I’m really glad you liked my suggestion, thanks.
    I can’t wait to read another story from the wonderful land of Lentari

  • How about Lokamang or Kovabel and finally Plukren.

  • Hi TinaSings! Very nice! I’ve added them to my list! Thanks for the suggestions!


  • I’m not certain what characters might be need names, but here are a few?
    Jocastin, Jocasta

  • April – I love that name! I’ve added “Rhamalli” to my list. I know I’ll be able to fit him in there somewhere!

    Thanks for the suggestion!


  • i have a dragon that i sculpted his name is Rhamalli i would love to see a dragon named after him he is red ww/ purple tinting and seems to be a studious (is this a word lol) guy with a wiked sharp wit and a bit of a temper at least thats what i see when i look at him if you have anyone like him comming up in a book Rhamalli is your guy

  • Hi Angenoir!

    Paavin. That’s a really cool name for a dragon! And as for Kahvel and Pryllan’s offspring… You venture into already charted waters! 🙂

    Kahvel and Pryllan will be getting their own story. It’s actually the next adventure lined up after the one I’m presently working on is finished. And, now I have a name to use in that book. “Paavin.” I like it! Thanks!

  • Hello!

    Could I suggest “Paavin”. It would be a dragon completely different to your average dragon as he would be the first to ever possess a jhorun. He is Khavel and Pryllan’s offspring…