Nov 22, 2012 - General    2 Comments

Happy Thanksgiving!

Not everyone observes Turkey Day, so I’ll just say that if you do, I hope you eat your weight in turkey!! Didn’t you know? This is one of the very rare days when calories don’t count. So pig out! Rest assured I was no different. I was fortunate enough to marry a girl who is an awesome cook!

Still, I’ve had a great year. Released my third book. My wife and I are in good health. I thought my dog Keeley had cancer earlier this year but turned out to be valley fever. Not pleasant but very treatable. Very thankful it wasn’t cancer. Ugh. Went to a bad place. Nevertheless, we have been very fortunate.

I enjoy interacting with everyone, so by all means keep the names, suggestions, and critique coming! As for me, I’m going to return to my pumpkin pie induced coma…


  • Thanks Scott! Unfortunately, it means it’s the time of year to drag out all the Xmas decorations.

    *exaggerated sigh*

  • Happy Thanksgiving to you as well Jeff.