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A moment of awkward silence… :)

I posted about this on my FB page but also thought I’d bring this up here. Ever have an awkward moment of silence with a complete stranger? And I will preface this by saying it was a pleasant awkward moment for me. If I can describe a situation like that. 🙂

Anyway, I was seeing a client for my other job (computer tech). I fixed their laptop, encrypted their wifi network, etc. And before I left, the client’s wife approached me with her Nook and showed me that she had purchased/read all three of my books. She looks me pointedly in the face and inquired when the next book will be released.

Now, I have told some of my clients that I’m also a fantasy author, but I’m pretty sure I hadn’t told these two before. Actually, I’m quite certain of it. Anyway, I looked back at this friendly older lady and looked stupidly down at her Nook.

“You read my books?” I asked, sounding remarkably like a gawky teenager.
“Yes! I loved them! When’s the next one coming out?”

So my tech call morphed into a Q&A session about fantasy books, the steps necessary to publish a book, etc. I must have sat around their house for close to 30 minutes just chatting with them about being an author. I think it was the first time that I was recognized as an author. Logic would suggest that I must have told them I was an author at some point in time, but I just don’t think I did. Then again, as my wife wouldn’t hesitate to point out, my memory is going.

And no, I didn’t charge them for the extra time!

I also want to take a quick moment to offer a word of thanks for all the fans that stop by to see what’s going on! I’m seeing a lot of visitors from many different countries, which just thrills me to death! All across the US and UK, Canada, France, Italy, Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, Turkey, Lebanon, South Africa, Chile, Denmark, Romania, and just recently, New Zealand and Finland! Woo-hoo! Thanks, everyone!

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