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A quick word…

To those of you that might be wondering why there’s a Protected page here (see the last post), I wanted to give an explanation in case anyone thought I was acting like a snob.  🙂

Another author from the book club that I co-moderate, Indie Book Club from Goodreads, asked for some help on his book that I’m presently reading.  The problem was, he didn’t want what was being discussed out in the public in case it gave away any details of his book.  We tried to create a private thread in Goodreads, but apparently GR doesn’t have that capability.  I know WordPress does, which is what this site runs on, so I volunteered to move the conversation here.  And it’s password protected.

For those of you who don’t know, like the character Steve in the Bakkian Chronicles, I am a Microsoft Certified computer tech.  I go around to residences and businesses and fix whatever is ailing their computers.  So tech problems, formatting problems, software problems, you name it I’ve seen it.  I’ll even go so far as to make this offer to any fans of the series…  got a computer problem?  Ask away!  I’ll be more than happy to see if I can point you in the right direction!

Hope everyone is having a great week!  Back to work on The Lost City!


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