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Looking for an Illustrator!

I want to include some illustrations in The Lost City, so I’m now officially looking for an artist.  Since I can’t openly describe what I’m looking for without giving away major plot points, a Protected Post has been created, which is what you see below.

That’ll be the thread I use when discussing aspects of the illustrations.  Are you interested?  Send me a link with some examples of your work and I’ll go take a look!

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  • Hello Sybilla –

    I do appreciate your offer. I have since found an illustrator who’s been doing a remarkable job.

    Thanks again!


  • My name is Sybilla Koritareva and I am an illustrator and I wish to offer you my services.

    I send you my portfolio with pictures and showreal:

    If you need me – you can email me.

    Best regards!

  • I do computer graphics as a hobby. I’ve done many images with dragons and other fantasy subjects. I don’t have a website at this time but I can email you some of my work. When I posted my work on I had over 1.5 million views and 250 k downloads.



  • I’ve considered having illustrations added to my books. Mostly character sketches but maybe scene illustrations as well. It’s really a cost factor. I just paid for some professionally done maps, so that set me back a bit.

    Good luck with it, though. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.