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Meet Bobwyrm!

Bobwyrm is the name of the dragon in the following pic, created by fan Bob Terry.  This photo is his submission for the Fan Photo Submission contest that recently just finished.

My wife and her friend will be reviewing all the pics this week and will select the winners shortly!

Bobwyrm the dragon

Bobwyrm the dragon













  • Hi BJ!

    Thanks for taking the time to look me up! Not only that, I appreciate you giving my novel a chance out of so many.

    You bring up some valid points. I intentionally wrote it that way as I was determined to write a light-hearted story and not follow the same path as so many other authors have done. Could I have set a more serious tone? Sure, however that isn’t my style. Could I have killed off some characters? Certainly. Could their escape from the mugger been more difficult? Absolutely. Could I have put them in more danger? Of course. But, had I done that, I would have strayed from my decision to keep the book as fun and light-hearted as possible. Besides, with regards to escaping the mugger, their jhoruns were just starting to manifest and they had to figure them out in order for the story to proceed as I had intended.

    Nevertheless, you have raised several points which have been brought to my attention before, and I applaud you for doing so with me. Trying to find honest, unbiased reviews can be difficult sometimes!

    Thank you again for stopping by!


  • Thank you for providing a website forum for your readers. Thank you for your novels. I have just finished the first of the Lantari novels.

    I found the book to be disappointing. The story was single paced, and the characterisation was quite limited. There was no tension in the story, no feeling that the main protagonists were ever in danger, things came too easily. Their ‘magic’ was almost another character operating independently of the couple to provide answers they couldn’t provide themselves.

    Spoiler alert!

    When Steve is knocked out and captured by the traitor in the party it would have been easy to kill him, maim him or otherwise significantly incapacitate him. What happens? He’s tied up and inadequately drugged. His escape is incredibly easy. Sorry, but that is lazy.

    On the plus side, the basic storyline was quite good, some of the ideas used were novel and the story had a clear start, middle and end.