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A few more suggestions, please!

Hi everyone!  First off, TGIF!  Secondly, as I’m getting close to wrapping Lost City up, I could use a few more names.  Dwarf names.  Maybe even a surname or a family name.  Any suggestions?

Now’s your chance to wind up in a book’s acknowledgement page.  Want to see your name in print?  Post your suggestions below!

Thanks!  Have a great weekend!



  • Tina – Oooo, those are some good names, too! Thanks!! They’ve been added to my notebook. 🙂

  • Thanks for the suggestion, Suzanne! I’ll add Winstead to my notebook. I don’t know if he’ll put in an appearance in Lost City, as I’m almost finished with it, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be used in a future title!

    I’m very glad to hear you enjoyed the stories! Stay tuned! The next story set in Lentari will be released soon!

  • Caelin or Kaelin. Drubel, Vorbaen

  • How about “Winstead” as a name? It is rooted in Wales. It is from my mother’s side of the family.

    P.S. Loved the 3 books!!! Couldn’t put them down. I was sad when there weren’t more to read in the world of Lentari. I am reading your short story now.

  • I just came across and finished the first book in the Bakkian Chronicles. I was very happy with this refreshing piece of work and will be looking forward to reading your other works.

    (Name) – (rough translation)

    Vothgrund – wild hammer
    Araugaare – outspoken one
    Samryngward – honest host

    Karakdaem – treasured place
    Tildar – defiant one
    Vandalar – slasher of hope

    *gender of the names are subject to debate.
    Greetings from Florida

  • I am Italian and I have to say I did enjoy your strong American English. It makes the characters much more alive and close to the readers. It is our world connected to Lentari. I believe it is a choice o the writer only, but it’s so interesting to even have a kind of different use of the language for the two worlds and obviously for the characters belonging either to on or the other world. It makes the book less “flat”. Just think how in Tolstoy’s books a dwarf or an elf or other creatures have different use of the language; different creatures belonging to different world must have different psychology which is is mainly shown on the way they speak.
    ciao from Rome, who knows if there is a portal here too…

  • Trinida Thunderaxe and Tindlax Forgefire

  • Those are some fantastic names, everyone! I truly appreciate it! I have my notebook right here and am adding them in now!

    Hope you don’t mind if one or more are used in an antagonistic manner. 🙂

  • Hi Tony!

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the series. And yeah, you’re right. I hadn’t even considered the International reader angle. There would be a lot of things in there that someone who isn’t an American wouldn’t know.

    My first draft of Amulet of Aria had an excessive use of what my editor called “Branding”, meaning I was using actual names for certain products. Steve’s tablet from the Grand Canyon trip? That was an iPad. And he was playing Angry Birds. But, I was told Apple is very “sue-happy” and I shouldn’t risk it. So I went through and deliberately changed the names so that I rear wouldn’t be at risk of being sued. “Big Slurp” translates to “Big Gulp’ from a store here called 7-Eleven. A Santa Fe is a Hyundai SUV.

    I promise before I release Lost City I’ll try and use generic enough references so that everyone can understand them. Thanks for pointing it out!

    How’s the weather in Norway? It must be better than here. Presently 115 out. Major ugh. 🙂

    Have a great day!

  • A girls name: Teutonia
    (could use the last name Delvehearth)

    teutonic: A member of an ancient Germanic or Celtic origin.

  • Name : Bastion Delvehearth

    Bastion: a fort
    Delve: to dig deep

    Deep in the heart of the mountain you will find a fortress for your home.

  • Jeffrey, l just finished your Bakkan Chronicles.
    Great. But your “English”! Watcha, gotcha,etc!!
    Please consider
    an international readers audience. And don’t please be such a snob.We don’t care which handbag Sarah is using. And what in the world is a big slurp? An a Santa Fe? I guess a Hyundai. Nevertheless looking forward to your next one!!
    Tony Gerritsen
    Porsgrunn Norway.

  • As I said in fb: Oricfed Galfodin
    Ciao from Italy

  • i have disscuss with relatives and we have come up with zincoff for a male and for ladies neeka and nevaeh xx

  • dwarf family name – the claidheamh mòr (pronounced as cla-deem more) it means great sword.

    female dwarf name – Scáthach (pronounced scaffack) scottish warrior women in irish mythology.

    male dwarf name – graemlin (pronounced gram-leen) a dwarvish version of gremlin.

  • Ok my creativity was challenged, but I’m horrible with names. I deferred to my wife who is much better at it. She came up with Rahygren for me and Kreisken for herself. Or if you feel in the mood for some cheesiness, I came up with krisstone bakersblock and gemray bakers caste.

  • Elva Chromesmasher….or….Shylah Purefire