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Be Among the First to own Lost City!

Greetings fans of Lentari!  The wait is almost over!

Be among the first to own an autographed, paperback copy of Lost City (Tales of Lentari #1)!  In anticipation of my fourth book’s upcoming release, I’m creating a raffle for one of the first copies to be printed.  Hot off the presses.  🙂

All you have to do to enter is make sure you have Liked the Bakkian Chronicles on Facebook (you can hit the FB button on the top right corner of this page) and then leave a comment to tell me that you were here.   That’s it!  The raffle is open to everyone, regardless of locale, so if you’re in Australia, and would like to try and win a print copy, feel free to enter!

To keep this interesting, if I get at least fifteen people entering, I’ll add a second copy, thereby having two winners of a print copy.  If I get to twenty, I’ll release a sneak peek of the cover!  Help spread the word!

If you haven’t already, check out the book that started it all!  The Prophecy (Bakkian Chronicles #1) on ebook in practically all formats.  Always free!  Links can be found along the right of the blog for various retailers.  This message will also be posted on FB.   Thanks for stopping by!  Happy reading!




As promised, here’s a sketch of Lost City’s cover!  I hope everyone likes it!

Lost City (Tales of Lentari #1)



  • Thanks, Jill! You’re definitely entered for a chance to win Lost City in paperback!

  • So excited for Lentari #2!! Very much enjoyed Number one! Your writing style is easily read! I read book one in 1 night and 1 Day! I might have to re-read all the books… just for fun!!!! A pleasure to read your Books!

  • Hi Carl! Lost City has been submitted, so it’s now a waiting game before Barnes & Noble processes it.

    What I can tell you, if you’d like, is that you can pick up the ePub, which is the format Nook uses, directly from Smashwords. Works best if you have a Nook HD.

    Either way, I’ll post an announcement here when it becomes available! Thx for stopping by!

  • Looking forward to reading this one. Stumbled by accident on these stories and now a fan. Hope to win a printed copy. If by some chance I don’t, then any idea when it will be released on the Nook ?

    UK fan.

  • Making sure you have my name. Sent msg on Facebook

  • Hello, Heike! Thanks for stopping by!

    I’m so pleased to hear you enjoyed the stories! You’ll be interested to hear that my next book, Lost City (Tales of Lentari #1) is very close to being released! It’s going to be given to my beta readers today and once they’re done going through it, and I fix the necessary changes, I’ll release it on Smashwords and Kindle!

    Thanks for looking me up!


  • I am looking forward to the stories of lentari! The trilogy was awsome and I hope that you will tell us more about what happens also to the characters we got to know!
    Keep up the great work!
    Heike from Germany

  • Loved all of your books looking forward for more adventures in Lentari.

  • I defiantly want to win an autographed copy! I shared Bakkian of Chronicles site. Can’t wait to read The Lost City

  • Love the adventure! Am ready for another!

  • Making sure my name is entered. Can not open new window for f.b like from here.

  • Loved all the books but read them too quick as now I have to wait for more . Think I need to be left a magical house in someone’s Will as you never know what’s behind doors, I live in hope of finding just the thing, but in the meantime I have your wonderful books to fuel the imagination thank you so much for being such an imaginative and creative writer

  • Love this series. Can’t wait for the next one.

  • Hello, everyone! I just wanted to offer my heartfelt thanks for expressing interest in Lost City! I was checking the map and am floored by the variety of visitors this site has received.

    Check it out! We’ve had visitors from the following countries: all across the USA, all over the UK, Singapore, Spain, Germany, South Korea, Ireland, and Sweden, just to name a few.

    Thanks for stopping by, everyone!

  • I loved the Bakkian Chronicles, a great way to unwind at the end of a hectic day. Wish I could find those carved door! Looking forward to your new story.

  • I really enjoyed the Bakkian Chronicles. I can’t wait to read more Lentari adventures. (FB liked)

  • Super excited for more Lentari adventures! Love love love your stories!

  • We hit 20!!! I’ll be posting the sketch of the cover shortly!!

  • Regardless of what format I’ll read it in, just looking forward to getting back into this world and it’s characters. 😉

  • I can’t wait to finally have some decent reading material, again!

  • I love these books and would love a copy! You are the best!

  • Can’t wait to read this! Even if I win, I’m still going to buy it for my Nook! Thanks, Jeffrey, for creating a wonderful new world!!! 🙂

  • I am very excited to read your next book! Your books are very refreshing and inspire me to continue writing (nothing published….yet). I keep up with your facebook page all the time!

  • cant wait to get my hands on the new book jeffrey i know it will be has good as the others were which i have really enjoyed

  • I would love a autographed copy even if I do not win the raffle is it possiable to mail a copy to you for a signature? I have all of the chronicals on e-books form I asked the hubs for hard copies as a anny gift lol. he just looks at me like I have lost my mind and asks “why do you think I got you the nook? the house is over run with books.” and it is but I like it that way, something about books being everywhere and in every room seems like home. ok tmi, thanks for the raffle !

  • Very excited to get to read this!!!
    I’ve never named a Dragon Species before 😉

    Looking forward to being able to review it.

  • Liked your page on facebook! I read all 3 books in the last week and I was frantically searching for news of the next one! Thank goodness there is one. I havent been this excited about a book in a long time 😀

  • Can’t wait for this new book – u need to write faster . . . Are you thinking of boxing your first trilogy – make a nice Christmas gift!

  • I’m really excited to read your new book. I loved the first three. Thank you for all of the updates on Facebook. They are very much appreciated and I can’t wait for the new book. The excerpts were terrific. Again thank you and thank you for such wonderful adventures.

  • Loved the Chronicles books. Looking forward to reading the Tales books. I say books because you can’t just leave it at one book. 🙂

  • I love it that you do giveaways! cant wait for Lost City to come out!

  • Awesome news!!!

  • Can’t wait for release. Enjoy your updates on FaceBook…

  • Can’t wait to read it – loved the first three

  • Can’t wait to read your new book. I’m sure it will be pretty awesome just like the rest of them :). And i hope to one day own all of them in book form (not kindle). can’t wait to read it 🙂

  • I’m getting excited, really can’t wait for this to be released xxx

  • Sooo excited to get my hands on #4 !! The excerpts you have been releasing have my siting on pins and needles!

  • finally getting closer to the release date, i cant wait.
    it feels like ages since you announced you were writing a new book.